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Monday was the first day of kindergarten for my oldest. She confidently ran into her classroom chit chatting with her friends from last year’s TK class barely waving goodbye to me. Ahhh… so many emotions. I’m so proud of the little 5-year-old she has become. And, then all the #momfeels kick in and I. CAN’T. BELIEVE. I. HAVE. A. KINDERGARTENER. Know the feeling?

With school back in session, my regular work hours are back in full force. I’ve updated my goals, planner, content calendar and I’m ready to give my laptop (and HOT coffee!) my undivided attention this morning. It’s quiet in the house. I finally feel like I can think again! Ha! So, it’s back to business, ya’ll! Let’s talk business essentials.

With all the back to school shopping underway, I thought it would be fun to do a quick round-up of all my favorite Back to Business Essentials! I’d also love to hear what is on your list. Is there an office supply, a book or a tool that you can’t run your business without? I’d love to check it out!

  • Planner: I am a pen-and-paper kind of girl when I map out my daily to-do’s and schedule for the day. I’ve tried MANY different planners but I’m currently loving the Panda Planner Pro. It has a monthly, weekly and daily view. I can jot down what I’m grateful for, excited about, focus for the day, exercise, affirmation, priorities, tasks, schedule and reflect on wins and areas for improvement. My planner doesn’t leave my side.
  • Square: I asked in our Facebook Group and I heard Square was a must-have tool for invoicing and tracking inventory. I couldn’t agree more! I run over $5,000 in transactions through Square monthly! It’s convenient, reliable and secure. Highly recommend using Square!
  • Canva: Creating custom graphics is a great skill to add to your toolbox. I just did a short training on using Canva to make your own graphics. It’s free and another tool that I use daily in my business to create my own personal branded images resulting in even more engagement with my customers.
  • Digital Scale: I loathe going to the post office. It’s a major pain in the booty – especially with kids following me around. I’m a big fan of Paypal’s Ship Now. To ship from home, you also need packaging supplies (like these cute poly mailers and fun tape) and a digital scale to weigh what you’re shipping. It’s $16 – pretty much gas money after you’ve run to the post office a few times.
  • Magic Green Cart: If you’ve ever been to any of my booth events, you know about my magic green cart. This cart helps when you’re moving things into an event, but also adds a pop of color and creates a focal point to showcase one of your best sellers. It’s also a nice height if you’re doing a kid-friendly demo or have a raffle that you want front and center! It’s a must-have in my booth set up!
  • Pink Dolly / Hand Truck: If you’re in direct sales and doing any in-person events, you’re going to need a dolly. And, what’s better than a super cute pink hand truck?! This one means business. It is super sturdy (I broke a few before I got this one!) and you can fold it into multiple positions. Plus, you’ll get compliments on the cuteness factor it while lugging in your goods!
  • Erasable Gel Pens: Holy moly, mind blown! I just discovered ERASABLE gel pens by PILOT. I had NO. IDEA. that these existed and I’m in LOVE. I love a good smooth colored pen… but now, erasable. These gel pens + my planner = love, love, love. Have you tried them??

Here’s to you, mama. You’ve sent off your kiddos to the first day of school so splurge a little on yourself. Enjoy that hot cup of coffee. Grab those office supplies you’ve been excited about. You know a good set of pens and a planner will kick your buns in gear as you tackle everything you want this school year. It’s back to business and it feels sooooo good (well, at least until 2:10 until I interrogate my daughter all about her day!).


  1. Emily Tosh

    Hey Becky!

    For your digital scale, what type of shipping labels do you use for printing?

    • Becky

      Hey Emily! 🙂 I actually just print them on plain paper, fold them in half and then attach with cute tape. I know you can also buy the labels to print directly on, but I am old school! 😉


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