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Student Success Stories

“I just really appreciate how Becky has her finger right on the pulse of what’s happening right now, what’s relevant, and her modern approach to what’s happening in our industry.”

Denise Ouellette / Tocara

 Kate Meier

I have learned (and continue to learn so much! I love the knowledge that is shared, the resources to make life easier, and the community!

 Rebecca Bates

I love that Becky provides both graphics and content to take the guesswork out of showing up regularly with my business. Plus this community continues to get together and provide amazing new ideas to grow my business.

 Amanda Skelton Yocum

I am just in my first week. But I have already seen personal growth with actually doing daily ABCs. I have already received more sales and 2 new subscription subscribers with it!

 Shelley Cronkhite Huber

You changed my mindset! I was working too hard an not getting the results. I took your bits and made them work! I am starting to see more interaction and serious questions about my products! I love 3+3+3 and ABC’s! I am so glad my company and I found you!

 Bethany Vargas

I just hit my highest paycheck in a while thanks to the Academy and hard work. Having consistent strategies and a community helps keep me focused and motivated. I always have somewhere to turn for encouragement, ideas, and a little push. Confetti also helps!

 Vonda Volesky

I learned to break my tasks down into smaller pieces and take breaks. I have been making so much more progress.

Melanie Racer / Norwex


“Before I joined Becky’s VIP Academy I was feeling very stuck. I was just feeling stuck and kind of wanting to give up and knowing that I didn’t want to give up because I love what I do.”


“Now that I’ve been in her Academy for a while, I feel full of hope and ideas and I’m so excited for my business in the future.”

“A big win for me and my business right now is that I just have hope, that I am moving forward, that I have excitement for growth and I want to help promote other leaders.”

Kimberly Pulito / Scentsy


Unable to find other direct sellers who were using an external website + blog to build their online presence & business.


“Being a member of the Academy has been beneficial for my business because I’m connected with leaders from other companies. Being able to bounce ideas off others who have a different lens than me has been invaluable.”

Michelle Buza / Lemongrass Spa


Trying to learn all the things and feeling overwhelmed.


I have found ways to stay consistent (yay confetti), have a group of other DS people to get encouragement and ideas, and Becky to keep giving me ways to work my business and stay myself.”

Adrienne Wheat / Norwex


Securing bookings.


“I’ve gained some great ideas on verbiage and breaking out of my BFF circle. I implemented one of the strategies (verbiage) and got a booking already!”


“So before I got involved in it [The Modern Direct Seller Academy], I was feeling a little stuck. Definitely I needed some more inspiration, just a little bit more oomph in my life.”


“I was lucky enough to have that one-on-one coaching with Becky and we talked about a big scary goal that I had, and she broke it down for me and told me, I can do this. It’s attainable. And she really gave me the inspiration, the drive to go for it, and maybe the belief in myself to go for it. But also kind of accountability.”

Anita Westlake / Color Street

“thank you, becky, for your out-of-the-box thinking, for always speaking to me, and for sharing such great information with all of us.”

Debbie Kimble / Tastefully Simple

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