As your business grows, systems and organization will SAVE YOUR LIFE. So whether you’re just starting out, or moving along nicely already–having your systems, tools, and income and spending tracking set up the right way–will make things much more easy breezy! This way, when your volume explodes, and it will, you’ll totally be ready.

Let’s dive in and make the most of the time you have dedicated to your business!


I get it. You have a million things to every.single.day.

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Get organized with practical finance tools specifically designed for direct sellers (that don’t have a degree in Finance!)


You want to do it all, but know time is tight. Run your direct sales biz without ignoring your family (or giving up Netflix).


Keeping track of your customers and delivering great customer service is your goal, right? Me, too. Let me show you my (easy) system!

Be the CFO of your business!

You’re in business, boss babe! And, now that you have money flowing into your account from your direct sales biz, you need to get yourself organized. While these tasks may feel pesky now, when year-end rolls around, you’ll be thankful that you stuck with a system and are organized and ready for tax season. Bonus: You’ll always have a clear view of your profitability.

So much to do. So little time.

I see you. I see you running from one thing, to the next, and then back again. And, then doing it all over again day-in and day-out. Whether your direct sales biz is your full-time job or a fun side gig, making the time to focus on your biz is a challenge. It’s time to leverage tools to maximize your productivity. And, when it’s work-time, let’s stay focused on what’s most important and not try to do #allthethings (or at least not all at once!).

Never lose track of your customers again.

When you’re just starting out, you can easily jot down your customers info into a notebook and keep track of all of their details easy peasy. As your customer base grows, this becomes more and more challenging! This is when you need a system. Leverage practical tools to easily keep track of your customers so you never miss a beat.

Wow, this is such a game changer! Thank you so much for this suggestion and your Trello template!!! Much appreciated!

Jes Proffitt

Tupperware Australia


Income and Expense Tracker

Use our Income and Expense Tracker to get your business finances organized!

Trello Customer Board

Leverage Trello (it’s free!) to capture customer data online. Grab my sample Trello board and get started.

Customer Power Sheet

Download our Customer Power Sheet to help track all the details you need to know about your customers!


Don't Mix Business and Personal Finances

Even if you don’t consider yourself a numbers-person, you’re going to need to look at your finances as a business owner. At the very minimum, simply track your income and expenses on a spreadsheet and use a specific credit card to track your business expenses separately from your personal finances. You’ll be so grateful when it’s tax time and you have this already organized. Plus, you can quickly check profitability regularly! Here’s to developing a profitable business!

Develop a Content Calendar, Get Ahead

Create a content calendar to help you stay on track. This way instead of waking up and wondering what to post, you can save time by batching your content and scheduling. With that extra time you can focus on responding to your customer’s comments to build those relationships! My go-to for scheduling is CinchShare. If you don’t know much about developing a content calendar–I’ve got your back!

Meet Your Customers Where They're At

Find the best way to serve your customers… even while social distancing. While coffee dates may be out of the question for the short-term, learn to stay in front of your customers through social media, text and emails. Develop email campaigns that run on auto-pilot so you’re showing up in your customer’s inbox on the regular. Not sure how to set up automated email campaigns, or what to say in those emails? I’ve got a (free) crash course for you!


What do I need to know as an independent contractor direct seller when it comes to preparing for taxes?

A lot of people get freaked out over money issues… truth is as long as you’re tracking the money in and the money out, and setting aside money for taxes then it’s easy peasy. This worksheet will help you do just that!

How do I request payment from customers?

We recommend using Square to send invoices and to swipe cards for in-person selling. 

What is the best way to keep business finances and personal finances separate?

Keeping track of your business expenses is much simpler if you use separate bank accounts for business and personal use. Even if you don’t decide to get an actual business bank account at this time, you can still use a separate personal bank account exclusively for business activities. We have a personal checking account we use for personal deposits and expenses and a separate business checking account for business deposits and expenses.

Do the same thing with your credit cards also. Use one for personal expenses and one for business. It is so much easier to keep track of your business income and expenses if those transactions are not intermixed with all of your personal transactions. This makes it WAY easier when it comes tax time! Check out this post with all the deets!

I’m a super busy direct seller, and I am not sure how I’ll fit in all.the.things. to manage my business! What are your best tips for being efficient?

You are totally on the right track! Being efficient with your time is key to successfully running your direct sales business and not letting it take over your WHOLE life.

Check out this awesome post that talks about building business habits and my FREE Daily Checklist to grow your business efficiently!

Also batching your work is going to be your new best friend! This post talks about streamlining your social media by scheduling and batching!

I hear you talk about batching and doing similar activities at the same time. How do I learn more?

As I mentioned in the efficiency question above, batching is amazing! Doing similar activities at the same time helps you get more done in less time.

Batching is a productivity hack where you focus on one task (like editing videos, writing social media content, recording podcasts, etc.) and get laser focused on that one task at hand in a solid block of time instead of spreading it out over weeks or months.

Check out this post where I talk about batching our work–specifically social media!

How do you keep track of customers?

Being in the relationship-business, keeping track of these details is a requirement! In the beginning, it can be easy to remember who your customers are and what products they order.

But, as you begin to scale your business, you’ll need a system to help you out. You’ll want to rely less on your brain and scattered post it notes, and more on an organized solution to keep all the info you need on your customers and potential customers right at your fingertips!

If you love digital tools check out this post on using Trello to keep track and organize your customers.

If you like writing things down, check out this post on tracking your customers with a FREE customer power sheet!

I’m just getting started in direct sales… Where should I begin?

I’m so excited that you took the plunge – that takes guts!

Let’s start at the beginning! Check out this page with all the tools of the trade!

I also wrote a book for direct sellers just like you! I know you’ll find it super helpful as you get going. It’s jam-packed with practical tips for setting up your biz for success. Learn more here.

How do I mail stuff from home?

While it’s not *that* often you are mailing items to your customers, from time to time you’ll need to do it. Here are my best tips to make it less painful!


Get more sales, bookings and team members with direct sales training, weekly masterminds, real-time coaching & support and a rockstar community.

Working full-time, plus growing a business (so I can quit full-time!) doesn’t leave me with a lot of space for wasted time on vague coaching. I recommend your Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Biz Bundle to anyone who is looking for bite-size but actionable step-by-steps that cover every aspect of starting in direct sales, or who need to perhaps reverse a lot of ineffective advice. I was feeling like I was drowning in the world of direct sales but now I feel empowered and I have resources to help meet my goals. I’ve already noticed a significant difference in my business.  Thank you!

Jessica Shelton

Magnolia Design Co.


Becky Launder is the CEO and Co-Founder of Modern Direct Seller, author of 52 Tips: Build a Thriving Direct Sales Business, host of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast and brains behind the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Direct Sales Insights Survey. The Modern Direct Seller Framework has been implemented by thousands of direct sellers worldwide. The Modern Direct Seller team also partners with direct sales companies to launch, grow and scale, while providing training and a learning management system to grow their social selling channel.

Becky is a former corporate marketing manager, turned six-figure direct seller. In her direct sales career, she was a top income-earner, led the fastest growing team company-wide, was named Team Leader of the Year (not once, but twice!), consistently earned incentive trips and had the honor of training on the corporate stage. Today, Becky empowers direct sellers to skyrocket their biz with modern training, simple systems and actionable strategies.


Our mission is to provide practical training to empower Modern Direct Sellers to reach their big goals and find success in direct sales.

Whether you are new to direct selling or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find helpful tips, training and resources to rock your biz.

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