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Some of my biggest success stories have come from a simple email. Getting responses like “I’d like to learn more about joining your team,” or “Can I book a party?” or “I am ready to order!” is pretty much magical. Email marketing has helped me grow my business by cultivating relationships with my customers in a systematic, yet personal way.

Let’s be real, there are A LOT of ways to communicate–we have Facebook, Insta, text, snail mail, email–it’s out of control. So you may be wondering what’s so great about email. Well, grab a cup of coffee (or wine–no judgement here ;))  and let’s chat for a few. Email marketing can revolutionize your biz and I’m excited to share today:

  • Why you need email marketing in your biz (it’s not old-school!)
  • How to get started – right here, right now. Let’s do it today.

Here we go!

Email, it’s personal.

First, email marketing is super fast and really flexible–but what’s THE BEST is that is it gives you a direct line of communication to your contacts — basically it’s a 1:1 communication channel. From my inbox to yours. Simple. Unlike social media or your website where it’s a one to many communication channel, this potential customer, team member or hostess gave you their email to personally connect with them. What an honor, really! If you take the time to write to your email list, you’re landing in their inbox. The same exact inbox that they hear from their child’s teacher or their grandparent  — it’s a good place to be!

You can automate!

Email automation is basically an entrepreneur’s dream. Crafting the perfect email takes time. And, let’s be real. You don’t have time to diddle daddle. You need it done. You’re busy growing your team, finding and running events, scheduling and having parties, managing a household, all the mom duties, I get it! So take it from me, if there is something that makes sense to automate and you can save time by having it do its thing while you go about your day, it is a no-brainer, folks. Email can easily be automated and work in the background while you’re busy managing the day-to-day!

With email sequences, you can automate when your emails send. (A sequence is a marketing term which means you’ll send your customers a series of emails AUTOMATICALLY over a period of time.)

These emails nurture relationship with your customers and potential customers by introducing you and your business, sharing your story, and providing awesome value. I recommend you set up one email sequence for new leads to introduce yourself and your product. This is a great starting point!

Once your sequence is written and set up, you’re done! You simply add new contacts to your email system and  let it run in the background! You’ll be helping grow relationships, and sales, while going about your day! Is that awesome or what? I love that I actually get responses to my automated emails. Why? Because they don’t look automated. I  book a party, gain a new customer, or just get some good conversation and interest. I’m always amazed at how hard my sequences work for me–after setting them up, just once!

And pssst–if you haven’t heard–I’m sharing my actual, proven welcome email sequence that I send to new leads. Use it word-for-word or adapt it for your biz. Plus several video tutorials for setting it up in your email system. Best of all, it is included in the Modern Direct Seller Academy.

Give me all the data!

Another benefit of email marketing systems like ConvertKit  is not only do you get an awesome 1:1 way to communicate easily with your email list–you also have access to data! You can see how your email list is growing, target specific people for a sale, or even send a specific email to a group that attended a particular event. Data is power!

You can also see who’s most engaged–opening your emails, clicking on your links, etc! Those are the people that you may want to follow up with. You may choose to send a special offer to those that are opening and clicking, but haven’t made a purchase. Those people may just need an extra push! This helps you identify your HOT LEADS versus those just lukewarm.

What do I say?!

Whomp, whomp. This is what is holding you back – amiright? What the heck do I say to these people? Create a high-value email sequence to nurture new leads. Make sure to cover the basics – an introduction to your product, give tips and tricks, a freebie here or there and share your personal story. My email sequence includes 11 emails over a 6-week period of time to warm up your audience ultimately working to convert them to a paying customer.

You also want to continue to send emails on a regular basis after your email sequence concludes. Here’s what I recommend: send two emails a month to continue to grow and maintain the relationship and focus on sales, new releases and value–such as product recommendations, time saving tips and new blog posts. Think about your audience and what would be helpful for them. You want to provide value for these customers and leads, not waste their time. As we already talked about, it’s really a privilege that you’re landing in their email inbox.

The other thing I recommend is to keep your emails looking like a REAL email to a friend. What I mean by this is daily we all see lots of splashy emails that come from businesses with big graphics and branding. Instead I opt for a simplified look that really feels personal for those that receive it. I believe it  draws people in to read what I have to say vs. people feeling like they’re being sold on something–and where I contribute a lot of my success with email marketing. These emails look legit.

Growing your email list.

A quick way to grow your email list when you’re just getting started is with events! When you do a raffle giveaway, you’re collecting their email address. BAM! Check out my best practices for events part 1 and part 2 for more!

Another way to grow your email list is by offering a freebie on your website. This is something of value that you offer–such as a printable, tips, etc related to your biz. When people click on the offer to download your freebie, you can set it up so that they are added to your email list, automatically! Got to love that automation 🙂 Set up your very own simple, one-page webpage at ohmyhi.com. 

What email system should I use?

There are a lot of email systems out there. Convertkit is my go-to fav! Check out my blog post on Convertkit here where I go into detail on why.  

A warning on unsubscribers.

When you’re growing your business and your email list, you’re going to have people opt-out or unsubscribe from your emails.. And I want to make sure you know that is OK. If they aren’t your people, it’s all good if they opt out! So please, don’t let that hurt your feelings. Bottom line – they’re just not your people. Move on and find your peeps.

Now, get it going!

There you have it! Email marketing was such a smart move for me when I started growing my biz, and I want to help accelerate your growth! As always, I’m here to root you on and see you succeed.

How are you using email marketing? Are you ready to get started? Share in the comments below.

Join the Modern Direct Seller Academy for step-by-step training on how to get started! 



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