Keeping track of your income and expenses throughout the year is crucial to see how your business is performing. And when you do it regularly, it’ll make tax time a snap!

And I also want to be sure you’re set up the right way, to get the most from being your own boss, and lower your tax burden.

There’s also the little detail of getting paid, and paying others… we’ve got your back there too!

I’ve learned so much along the way on our entrepreneurial journey–and want to share it in a way that’s easy and straightforward–because I know not everyone loves numbers.

Are you ready?! Let’s go!



Since you’re in the business of selling you’re going to need to accept credit card payments and send invoices.  Square has an easy-to-use point-of-sale application for Android and iOS devices and they’ll give you a card reader for free.  Use our referral link and you can also get $1000 of free credit card processing!


PayPal is another very popular payment processor.  They give you an option to accept payments by credit card or PayPal transfer and send invoices.  They also have a card reader and point-of-sale app, but it is not as user friendly as Square.


As your business grows you’ll want to set up systems to save you time and make tracking finances easier. Direct Sidekick makes tracking your income, expenses and inventory easier than ever! It is tailored specifically to direct sellers to help save you time so you can focus on growing your business. Try it today!


If you want to take advantage of the mileage allowance during tax time, you have to keep a vehicle mileage log.  Triplog is the app we use for mileage tracking.  Use our referral link to get a free 30 day trial and 20% off your first year.



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