Being in the relationship-business, customer management is a requirement!
In the beginning, it can be easy to remember who your customers are and what products they order. But you’ll always be looking to grow your network–so let’s get you organized now. If you’re already growing, no stress, we can get you setup and streamlined too.
Being organized is so important! When you are juggling your kids, home, and your biz, and more–you may only have 15 minutes (or less) at times to power through some work. Let’s not waste those precious minutes!
Get ready to learn how to rely less on your brain and scattered post it notes, and more on an organized solution to keep all the info you need on your customers and potential customers right at your fingertips! Plus WHAT I recommend you track and the tools to make it easy-peesy!
Now let’s get to it!



Google Workspace

If you don't have a website or a hosting company that allows you to set up email and want a branded email to match your domain name, Google Workspace (formerly Gsuite) is the way to go! It is super easy to set up and a great solution to up your game in the personal branding department. Get a free 14-day trial!


Meet Trello. Trello is a drag & drop project management tool that I’ve adapted to work as a CRM. I’ve used it for hostess coaching, customer follow up, organizing vacations, keeping track of important login information, and more! I love it because I have everything in one place.

Fast Track Follow Up Formula

This is my actual, proven welcome email sequence that I send to new leads. With Fast Track Follow Up Formula you’ll get 11 fill-in-the-blank emails to build your own email sequence and a quick video training on how to set up a sequence using ConvertKit, MailerLite or Mailchimp.



Get more sales, bookings and team members with direct sales training, weekly masterminds, real-time coaching & support and a rockstar community.

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75 Captions that Convert + 15 Bonus Graphics

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