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Looking for more strategies to book parties? Look no further! Make a few booking bags! Booking bags are a great way to generate excitement about booking a party. I use booking bags as a tool for booking parties from home parties and booth events. At a booth, I include a sign that says “book a party, get a bag”. At a home party, I always show them off to guests when I mention all the benefits of booking a party. It’s a fun gift for your future hostess to take home and BAM – you can fill up that calendar!

Here’s a short checklist of what to include in your booking bags:

  • Catalog
  • Join my team flyer
  • Bookmarks
  • You’re Invited Postcards
  • Thank you card
  • Business card
  • Candy or other goodies
  • Hostess coaching packet

Take a peek inside my booking bag in this short video. Leave a comment below on what you think would be fun to include in a booking bag!



  1. Jenny F.

    I LOVE this idea, and all the suggestions. I will be using it to get more bookings (as soon as I can order supplies lol)!

    • Jenna

      You totally got this!!

  2. Mary Lew

    Helpful ideas. I will definitely check out the dollar store and see what I can do on a limited budget. I especially like the idea of making up bags with goodies and lots of color and surprises inside

  3. Sara McConnell

    I’m nervous about giving away the hostess coaching packet (which i currently DO) at events with even MORE stuff in them. How do you keep people from just booking a party for the freebies and then canceling once you contact them! This scares me away a big from offering this AWESOMENESS. . .especially since I’m relatively new.

    • Becky

      Cancellations definitely happen and it’s a major bummer. I actually think if they walk away with a cute bag of things, they’ll be more likely to keep their date! I wouldn’t spend more than a few bucks on a booking bag, though! Just a few fun little things in it – nothing too fancy!

  4. Sara Brabec

    Hi Becky! Where did you find these adorable bags?

    • Becky

      I got those at Hobby Lobby on clearance! I usually hit up the Target dollar spot for the $1 reusable bags. Right now, they have some cute “oh the places you’ll go” themed bags!

  5. Amy L

    These are so great! I was doing these with a gift bag but they were not holding up very well. I love these canvas bags/Target $ Spot/etc instead!
    You could also go to the Dollar Tree and include napkins and/or plates and/or cups! You could even theme it so your hostess is ready to go!

    • Becky

      Ohhh, that’s a cute idea, Amy! I love it! The gift bags definitely see some wear and tear after a few events. Most of the bags I get are just $1. So rad! 🙂

  6. Amber

    Hey Becky! Thanks for sharing! What is in your hostess coaching Packet?

    • Becky

      Hey Amber! I’ve actually done hostess coaching many different ways and I can’t take credit for this response. Renee May is FABULOUS at this! Here’s a few recommendations from her on what to include! 🙂
      – A “Hostess with the most-est” letter: Send your hostess a little note thanking her for hosting or a letter describing to her the process of the FB party, how to make personal invites, etc.
      – 60 guests in 60 minutes: help the hostess get past the “I only have a few friends to invite” dilemma with this helpful document
      – A copy of the monthly special: what better incentive than to see all the amazing number of books she can get when hitting the monthly special
      – Join our Team flyer: either a flyer or a copy of the new consultant kits—might as well just put the idea in her head right?
      – A catalog:
      o Mini-catalog—fun, flashy and cost efficient for mailing
      o Large catalog and some order forms: the added cost for the larger catalog and shipping may be worth the investment if your hostess collects orders from friends (in addition to the party)
      – Goodies: coloring book marks, a couple of book fair stickers or some doodle cards
      – Your business card: Don’t forget a couple of these so she has them ready for references
      Put all this is a 9×11 mailing envelope (I bough some Astrobrights which are different fun colors) and tape it shut with some fun colorful scotch tape and you’ve got a hostess packet that will make your hostess want to share her party with others!


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