Fifteen years ago, Jeannie Lorin founded Beauty Society on the premise that high-quality, eco-friendly skincare should also be affordable. Today, she’s joining us on the podcast to share the wisdom that’s kept her company growing! From diving into a daunting new industry, to implementing ideas despite fear of failure, to keeping integrity at the forefront of business, there’s a lot in Jeannie’s journey that will help guide you into direct sales success.

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Time based notes:

  • 1:29 Jeannie Lorin introduction
  • 4:07 Learn about Beauty Society
  • 8:39 Confidence through fear
  • 11:55 Never giving up
  • 14:58 Gaining confidence and determination
  • 18:13 The direct sales community
  • 19:38 Trends into 2023


Leading with Integrity and the Confidence to Fail

Fifteen years ago, self-described everywoman Jeannie Lorin founded Beauty Society on the premise that high-quality, eco-friendly skincare should also be affordable. Recently, she joined us on the Modern Direct Seller Podcast to share the wisdom that’s kept her company growing!


To start, tell us a little bit about yourself, who you serve, and how you help them.

Well, I started in this industry simply because I couldn’t find any anti-aging products that worked. I was fast approaching my 40th birthday, and I started getting pretty panicky about the aging process happening to me, and that it was happening so fast, but the needle or knife route felt too invasive and severe. And, I had a gut feeling that there have been so many advancements in technology and medicine, even though I didn’t see the advancements in topical anti-aging formulas, they had to be out there.

So, I just dove in and had faith that there was something, and along the way I was fortunate enough to meet the chemists and scientists that patented the ingredients that make anti-aging and that are the heart of this industry. And, I worked very closely with them, until I had my first line of sixteen products. And I launched those products, and they worked so well. Like, I was out of my mind, completely excited, by how much I loved them. So, at that point, I decided to wrap this amazing product line around the direct sales model so I could get it out to customers! I knew they would make people feel more confident about themselves, because they looked so much better, so they felt better.

And, it’s funny, I’d never been in the beauty industry before, and I’d also never been in the direct sales industry before. So, it was quite an undertaking. But, I knew in my heart and my soul that these wonderful products would be best served in a direct sales format, because I’m truly always into the “everyone wins” business model. And, when it’s done properly, I believe that this industry is the best at that.


I can’t wait to unpack this. You didn’t really have a background in beauty or direct sales, and I am sure that it has been quite a journey over the last few years. But, before we get into that piece, tell us a little bit more about Beauty Society, your products, and what makes it special.

Well, we do specialize in anti-aging, but we sell all things skincare. So, whether you have blemish-prone skin, oily skin, regular skin, normal skin, sensitive skin, we’re here to serve you. We also evolved into also cosmetics and hair care, and we have a lot of fun beauty tools, and almost monthly, we come out with a new product, because I’m just that person that wants to keep things fresh for myself, but also for all my clients and all my beauty advisors.

One of my biggest things is to be sure that every product works and works extremely well, because I think it’s important to have a business with a product that’s consumable, reusable, and reorderable. I also offer a 12-month money back guarantee on the skincare, which provides so much comfort when it comes to offering these products to family and friends and customers. So, there’s a big focus on integrity on the product side of things. And then, also, being eco-friendly has always been a core value. We offer refills for almost all of our skincare, and now for some of our makeup. We’ve got more refills coming. And they’re sold at 10% less than retail, so people can feel good about how they’re spending their money. We also partnered with Eden Reforestation, so we plant a tree with every refill that is sold and purchased.

And, even though those refills were an idea that accomplished so many eco-friendly goals, and when I first thought of it, I thought it was genius, and my team was excited about it, when it came to the start of implementing eco-friendly practices, at the very last moment, I almost didn’t do it. Fear overcame me. And, it wasn’t fear that everyone was thinking it was dumb, or that people would make fun of me. I was such a small-grain-of-sand-on-the-beach sized beauty company in the industry, and this felt like such a big idea, that I worried one of my large competitors would see it and run with it. Because, they had a war chest of money, they were that big. I worried that after we launched, my only claim to fame would be, “Oh, that was my idea oh-so-long ago.” But I loved this plan, so I put my big-girl panties on and, I said, “I’m not going to be afraid of this.” And, I launched it. And, it’s been one of my favorite things.


I love that you shared that you almost didn’t do it. Because, I think about that all the time. What if? What if I didn’t say “yes” to that opportunity, or what if I didn’t do it scared? So many times, there’s things out there that feel so intimidating, and I think that’s such a great lesson, because look at your impact not only for your customers and for your field, but for the environment. That ripple effect is really incredible.

So, not only have you been recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly beauty companies in the world, but you just had the honor of being the fastest growing direct sales company in America by Inc. 5000, which is incredible. So, what has kept you going during the last fifteen years to keep reaching these standards?

I mean, so many times, I probably could have, would have, should have said, “This is too much. I can’t stay in business.” But, being in business at any level, especially in direct sales, is never giving up. And, the most common time where you’ll think about giving up is when something goes wrong. So, even when those times come, you just have to be in the game. Be a problem solver. Accept the things that didn’t go right as, ” They weren’t supposed to go right. Something else better is coming around the corner.” It’s about having faith, and definitely having confidence, and keeping your eye on the prize. Always keeping your eye on the prize.

When I came into the beauty industry and the direct sales industry, I was the new girl. And, it was tough. So, to build a brand out of nothing—especially in the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry—took a lot of guts, but it also took a lot of women that locked arms with me throughout the years. This was my idea. But, other than that, I’m just like every other woman in this company. Just boots on the ground, getting this done, and caring a lot about it. With that support and determination and focus on integrity, you can navigate through the crazy times that come up and never give up.


And during that time, I’m sure you have seen many direct sellers join you as beauty advisors. And oftentimes, in direct sales, you do have to make those big bold moves, and step out of your comfort zone, and know that it might not work out. Like you said, there’s failures, and there’s things you’re going to try, and they’re going to work. You’re going to try other things, and they’re going to totally flop. So, when you’re taking those steps, I think having that confidence is so important. To know, “This might work out, this might not work out, but there’s always another way. There’s always another approach.”

For anyone that might just be starting out in direct sales, or maybe hitting a new level within their direct sales business, how do you gain that confidence?

Well, some of us are born that way. But, most people are not. And, my feeling is, I did it scared. I did it with absolutely no past history, right? The products mattered to me, and the quality and integrity of the company, but what I didn’t realize when I was just getting going is, I knew nothing about the industry itself. I’d avoided direct sales.

I actually had to go to a conference in the beginning, because I knew nothing about the industry, and I needed to be taught really quickly. So, I went to this three-day conference. And, it’s a long story, but on the second day of the three-day conference, they asked me to leave. I was asking too many questions. So, they were thinking I was questioning them. And, a lot of things that they were teaching us about getting started were things that made me think, “There’s no way I’m going to do that. I don’t feel the integrity in that.”

So, when they told me to leave, I took a huge deep breath, and I faced my fears again, and I said, “You know what? I’m going to do this. But, I’m going to do it right, because there are beautiful things about this industry.” So, I’ve been navigating that since the beginning, and focusing on integrity first, because our reputation matters. The reputation of my advisors and our products matters.

So, I guess my advice is: If I can do it, anyone can do it. Honestly, purely just determination was the difference. And, if you’re afraid of this industry, I totally get it. I was afraid of this industry, too. If you love this industry, align yourself with something that fit with your values. I was in sales for many years before I did Beauty Society, and I sold things like software that made me want to fall asleep in business meetings. So, do something you’re passionate about. Very passionate about. And, find people that you love, and somewhere you feel welcome and at home. And, if you do, I think you’ll become unstoppable.

Anyone can become unstoppable in this industry. You don’t have to have a million followers. You don’t have to look a certain way. You just have to have passion, and a company behind you that’s rooting for you.


It’s that sense of community, right? Where you’re in it with other people, and it’s not just the products, but you’re doing life and business with these people. Once you’ve been in direct sales like that, and you have that community and that support, you couldn’t imagine things any other way.

Well, switching gears: We’re fast approaching 2023. This industry continues to evolve over and over and over again, and I’d love to hear what you’re seeing. What kind of trends or shifts have you noticed that could be helpful for anyone who’s thinking about what their business might look like into the new year?

Well, I think I have really great news for anyone that’s already in this industry, because this industry is going to explode. Right now, people need multiple streams of income. They really do. So, this is a beautiful time to be in direct sales, because think a lot of people that have never been in this industry before are going to take a good look at it. So, that’s a plus.

I will say, though, that as more people begin to turn to us, I feel it’s as important as ever that products are priced properly. This isn’t a good time to raise prices if you don’t have to. I think people are going to also be very careful about what they buy and how much they spend on it, because just like I said, many of them are already seeking multiple income sources. So, keeping products effective, affordable, and consumable, along with an industry that really promotes that “everyone wins”? I think that it’s going to see a big upturn. A huge upturn.


I’m right there with you. And, maybe I’m a little bit of an optimist over here, but I feel it. I feel that momentum building. And, I know this past year has had its ups and its downs. It’s been an interesting year in many ways. But, I’m feeling it. I’m feeling like we’re on the cusp of some really big momentum.


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