Today on the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, Jeremy and Becky chatted about all the ways that you can successfully build your brand in 2023! Not only are they sharing updates to Oh My, Hi! that make it more individualized than ever, and an upcoming workshop with personalized support that will you help launch your site, but as always, they’re armed with plenty of tips to make the content you create—wherever you create it—work harder for you.

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Time based notes:

  • 1:21 Oh My, Hi! updates
  • 3:55 Landing Page 101
  • 5:10 Oh My, Hi! advanced functionality
  • 9:05 Why you want to launch your own website
  • 11:47 Build your branding with long-form content
  • 16:58 Boost Your Brand + Visibility Workshop
  • 17:40 Boost Your Brand + Visibility coworking sessions
  • 22:10 On a personal note…


Let Modern Direct Seller Help Boost Your Individual Brand

You might not know it yet, but over here at Modern Direct Seller, we’ve been hard at work coming up with advice to help you successfully build your brand in 2023. Today, we’re not only bringing some of our best personal tips for content creation, but we’re also sharing all of the new ways that our biz is showing up to better assist yours.

For starters, Jeremy has been working nonstop on some cool updates to Oh My, Hi! If you’re not familiar with it, Oh My, Hi! is our simple way to help you make a website and have a blog of your own. It started as a simple, fill-in-the-blank-type, one-page website, as well as a links page, but last year, we added on some blogging functionality, and now we’re working on new improvements to make the user experience more flexible.

This year, you’re going to be able to add additional pages to your personal website. So, not just blog posts, but pages that can be used as landing pages—which are simple pages dedicated to a particular topic and a single action that you want your visitor to take. For example, if you’ve been on our Modern Direct Seller site, you’ve seen landing pages for our 3 + 3 + 3 download or any number of PDFs. These landing pages are also a great spot to acquire a new customer’s contact information. Your #1 goal is for them to leave with your download, the information you shared, and give you their email address in return so you can begin to build that relationship with them outside of the site, and Oh My, Hi! is going to help you do exactly that in an even more effective way.

We’re also moving to more of a live-editing type interface. So, the way it currently is, there’s an admin interface with fill-in-the-blank tabs, but you have to open up the front end to see what it looks like after you make updates. Now, when editing, you’re going to see your page on the left-hand side, and then the fill-in-the-blank fields on the right-hand side, and, as you update the fields, it’ll update the view in real time, so you won’t have to switch back and forth between tabs.

Finally, there’s been a pretty rigid structure to the Oh My, Hi! pages. Now, you’re going to have the ability to shift a particular column to the top of a page, change a row, or hide or delete content at will. We’re also going to be adding a library of additional, premade layouts that you can use as a starting point for the way you want your pages to look.

One other thing we’re particularly excited about was a direct request from one of our users! They suggested a page with a little bit more information at the top, and then some Linktree-type buttons in the middle, with a little bit more detail down at the bottom. And, what we’re really excited about is the potential of using this for an online party—almost like a scroll party or an on-demand party, where you could scroll down and get key information in a quick, easy way. Now, you’re still going to want to make sure that you’re having a side conversation with partygoers, whether that’s via text or Facebook message, to really build up a relationship while they’re referencing that scroll party. But, it could be a really cool thing to create for each hostess, or each party theme, or each category of products, or even just new releases or new product coming out. With the increased functionality of Oh My, Hi!, you could create a page like this fairly easily!

As thrilled as we are to bring all of those updates to you, and see the ways our users take advantage of them, what all of this really brings us back to is content creation—and do we have some tips for you!

The first is something I do a lot of training on, and that’s why you’d want to have a personal blog in the first place—especially when your company provides a website. For me, there’s two big reasons. One is that you are able to showcase and build your personal brand when you control your own website, and you can do that in an authentic and genuine way. People truly buy from you because they love you. And, if they only land on your corporate website, they’re not going to get a real feel for who you are. So, this is a great opportunity for you to share your story, to share your favorite products, to kind of put your own spin on why you chose the company that you’ve chosen to represent. And so, there’s an opportunity to showcase that in a really big way using your own website and having your own domain name.

Apart from the value in being able to showcase that personal brand that you’re working so hard to create, when you have a website, your content lives online indefinitely. Oftentimes, we showcase our personal brand over on social media—which can be fantastic. But, the social media content that we’re putting so much effort into creating is really short-lived. Within 24 hours, 48 hours, people have moved on to the next Reel, the next post, the next big thing that’s happening online. But, when you create a website, or launch a blog, or set up a landing page, those gain visibility with time. And there’s incredible value in that. So, when you take the time, and you put together the front-end investment to create lasting content, you know that value is going to continue to increase. More people are going to see it in three months, six months, a year than are going to see it today. It really gives more mileage to the content that you’re already working so hard to create.

When we talk about that content, the second thing we want to focus on is how, a lot of times, we’re doing things backwards. We start with the social media content, and then, once we get to a certain point in our business, we start considering email marketing, or creating videos on YouTube, or adding content on Pinterest, right? We have all these different things that we want to layer into our business.

However, I’d love to challenge you to think about creating content in a different way. Rather than starting with short social media content—which you might be putting together on the fly—be more intentional and strategic with your content, and start with long-form content. What I mean by “long-form content” is, for example, a blog post. A YouTube video. Something that takes a few minutes to read through or listen through, that has multiple paragraphs, to really share more about what you do, what you love, or what products you love the most. And then, you can take that long-form content, repurpose it via email, and break it down to even smaller chunks to be able to share on social; rather than starting with social, start with that long-form content. I mean, that’s exactly what Oh My, Hi! trains you to do.

So, instead of thinking, “I need to write 25 social media posts this week,” you think, “Okay, I’m going to write one really solid blog post. I’m going to take that blog post, and I’m going to email it out to my list midweek. Then, I’m going to take the content that I shared in that blog post, and I’m going to take each paragraph and turn that into an individual social media post.” So, it’s thinking at a higher level, a bigger-picture level, and knowing that, yes, we’re still showing up on social. But, that longer-form content is really going to showcase your personal brand, and bring people into your business, and have a much longer shelf life.

Same with YouTube! Those videos gain visibility over time, and it’s something that we’re trying to do more of in our own business this year. So, if you want to take a peek at our YouTube channel, you’ll see what we’re talking about: We’re putting out longer YouTube videos; turning those into blog posts; taking that blog post and YouTube video and sharing them out over an email; and then dripping it out in social media content. So, it’s being a little bit more strategic about how you’re showing up. Plus, those YouTube videos can be embedded on an Oh My, Hi! site!

All of this content creation is, of course, not just about creating a one-off landing page for a one-time purpose, but so that you’re leaving breadcrumbs that lead back to your brand. You’re putting something online that’s always going to be there. It always links back. It’s searchable, so it could potentially gain more visibility by showing up in more search results. And, the more that you drive traffic to your branded website, the more visibility you’re going to get from it over the long haul.

So, I’m a super big fan of this. I’m really excited about these new Oh My, Hi! enhancements, because I know it’s going to be a game changer for so many direct sellers that are looking for a new and better way to run their business in 2023. I think all of us are a little sick of social, a little sick of the algorithm, and really trying to elevate our brand in the new year.

Speaking of… On Monday, February 6, 2023 at 10:00 AM Pacific, 1:00 PM Eastern, we’re hosting a Boost Your Brand + Visibility Workshop!

This is the first time we’ve ever done anything like this. Jeremy and I are going to tag-team the instruction, and we’re going to cover what it really takes here in 2023 to build up your brand, the things that you should be thinking about, and how you can leverage this tool to really help you grow your business—whether you’re using Oh My, Hi! or another service provider for a blog or a website.

And that’s not even mentioning what’s happening after the Workshop! We’re going to have coworking sessions every following day that week. During those sessions, Becky and Jeremy will pop on live, and we’ll walk through any troubleshooting, we’ll be able to screenshare, and we’ll help you with questions real time so that you can get your site up and running.

A lot of times, people will start a trial for Oh My, Hi! and love the concept of it, but don’t really have the accountability and the extra support needed to launch it. So, we are going to show up with you every day to help you get your site launched and finish the heaviest lifting on the front end. And, once it’s done, it’s done. I mean, you can tweak it all you want. You can change colors. You can change fonts. You can change images. You can update things. But, whether you’re brand-new to your business, you’re established in your business, you’re 20 years old, you’re 60 years old, you’re a techie, you’re not a techie, we’re gonna help you every step of the way, and this will pay off so, so, so much.

And, you guys know how we roll. We’re bringing the prizes, too! We know that there’s a lot of value in you actually launching your website, but there’s so much value that, when you launch it, we’re going to give you a $10 shop credit to the Modern Direct Seller Shop. So, you can have a little bit of a shopping spree as a perk of getting that website launched. And then, we’re going to give you some visibility. We’re going to shout you out across our social media accounts as soon as you have launched that website! So, there’s going to be this really cool energy and buzz throughout the week as so many of you are going through this process and working on it together.

So, invite your biz besties. Invite your team. This is something you can collaborate on, you can work on together, and we can all be celebrating on February 12, when your websites are launched, we’re handing out shop credits, and everyone wins.

With that said, go save your seat in the Workshop at We can’t wait to see you there!

Launch your own user-friendly, personally branded website at

Take Action: What is one way that you can boost your brand in 2023?

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