As a direct seller, you’re spending a lot of time on social media. It is quite tempting to “boost post” when Facebook or Instagram informs you that you can reach 4,982 new customers. But, not so fast!! In this episode, Shay Hrobsky covers the do’s and don’ts of paid advertising. In fact, Shay dives into exactly the type of ads to run and how even a $5/day budget (or less!) can make a big difference in your social media reach. This must-listen episode is going to equip you with the strategies you need to broaden your reach.

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Time based notes:

  • 3:00 background, admittedly data driven Shay & how she started working with Facebook ads
  • 5:00 paid advertising for direct sellers- why should we consider it?
  • 6:30 considerations for content outside your company’s personalized website
  • 8:30 engagement posts that address pin points specifically with ideal customer’s language
  • 10:00 how to get in your customer’s head
  • 11:10 bare minimums for starting an ad campaign from a personal systems standpoint
  • 12:00 definition of landing page
  • 13:30 should you boost Facebook posts?
  • 16:00 all the things you can’t and shouldn’t do in Facebook ads
  • 19:00 sales psychology and how you can integrate in your approach
  • 21:00 the power of YOU & sharing g your personal story
  • 23:00 where to find Shay

Show sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Modern Direct Seller Box.

Take Action: Explore using paid advertising as part of your marketing strategy — even at just $5 per day.

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