Are you feeling stuck in your direct selling journey? Are you seeking a direct sales coach, or advice from industry experts about how to move your business forward? Are you looking for a community that will hold you accountable to your goals and answer your questions? Then the Modern Direct Seller Academy is the perfect place for you! On this week’s episode of the podcast, we’re giving you a peek behind the curtain at the training and tools that our Academy members can access to help any aspect of their businesses thrive. Spring enrollment is now open, so listen in to discover whether you should snag a spot!

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Time based notes:

  • 2:31 The consistency tracker
  • 3:59 The community group
  • 5:11 The Masterclasses
  • 6:37 The done-for-your training
  • 7:33 The monthly social bundle
  • 8:54 The courses and toolkits
  • 10:37 Spring enrollment bonuses
  • 12:51 The VIP level
  • 13:36 Academy member testimonials


Digging into the Details of the Modern Direct Seller Academy

This week on the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, we shared a behind-the-scenes peek at the Modern Direct Seller Academy! There’s some great information over on our website, so you can get a feel for what the Academy is all about, but there’s nothing quite like hearing what it looks like to be a part of something in-depth and firsthand. Plus, we wanted to unpack what’s included in the Academy—because there’s a lot—as well as share a few testimonials and stories from some of our amazing members of the Academy. So, if you’re feeling stuck in your direct selling journey; are seeking coaches and training to help move your business forward; or want a community that will hold you accountable and answer your questions, this is for you. Let’s dive right in!

We’ll get to all of the logistics here in a minute, but first, let’s start with the fun stuff. One of the newest features that we have added to the Academy that we get a lot of love on is our consistency tracker. Many of you have heard me talk about the ABCs: active selling, building relationships, and creating content. I am a firm believer that if you do those three things daily in your business, you are going to reach all of your goals—and you can do that in about 20 minutes or less. Now, when you are consistent, and you do your ABCs every day, you get to log into the Academy’s consistency tracker, mark that you got it done for the day, and then we have some really fun confetti that pours out on you—or on your screen, that is! So, that’s a very popular feature of the Academy if you’re looking for that additional accountability.

The cool thing here is, when you are consistent 21 days out of the month, we go ahead and credit your account with Shop credit. So, as a little bit of a bonus perk of doing those business building activities that are so critical to your business, you can go into the Modern Direct Seller Shop and pick out some fun swag. That’s a huge, fun feature of the Academy.

We also have an amazing community group that lives over on Facebook. And in that community group, we’re posting what we’re working on, we’re asking questions, and it’s a great place for some just-in-time feedback or coaching. I try to get in there and answer every single question posted to the group, but in all honesty, somebody in the group has probably responded—in fact, a handful of people have already responded—by the time I get in there. It’s super collaborative, and everyone there is really cheering each other on; sharing ideas; giving tips, advice, feedback; and sharing what’s working and not working in their business. I really can’t even put a price to that, because I feel like it is so, so, so valuable to connect with a community and learn from people that aren’t just on your team or within your company, but within the larger direct selling industry, running a business very similar to yours. Not to mention, we throw in a little tech talk! Every once and a while, Jeremy joins us to answer questions and help you get unstuck if there’s something that’s holding you back on the tech side.

One of my favorite features of the Academy is that we do a guest Masterclass every month, where we bring an industry expert in to share their expertise with the group. I mean, that alone? A lot of people are charging hundreds of dollars just for Masterclasses. But, this is something that is truly built into the Academy that you have access to every month, and if you’re not able to catch it live, there’s always a replay available.

We’ve had some pretty incredible guests come in and offer Masterclasses for our Academy members. Most recently, we had Julie Ball with Subscription Box Bootcamp program. She shared how to create and curate your own subscription box or sell your company’s direct sales subscription box. That was pretty awesome! We also have one coming up that is all about video, like how to set up your backdrop in a way that visibly showcases your product or how to make sure that you have great lighting. I’m really excited for that. We also had one recently that was all about Enneagram. So, not just those hard skills that you need in your business, but some of the softer skills, too. So, every month, we have a fresh topic, a great guest that comes in and shares expertise with us, and we can all learn so, so much from them.

Now, one of the pieces of the Academy that I think goes forgotten sometimes, and that I think is pretty incredible, is our monthly done-for-you training. Now, if you are a leader, you are able to take this done-for-you training—literally word for word—and go run the training within your team group. Or, you can drip that out over Project Broadcast; it’s totally up to you on how you want to use that team training. But, we give you a cover photo. We give you the post to make in your group. We give you a video on that training. It is so comprehensive and so valuable, because if you’re a leader, you know how much work it is to create training for your team that’s relevant and timely. And, if you are not yet a leader, this is still a great training that you’re able to soak in and really enjoy as well!

We also provide a monthly social bundle. So, if you’re looking for those engagement posts, those things to get people talking over in your group or over on Instagram, we put together a monthly social bundle that you can grab. The perk of being in the Academy is that we also give you the Canva template. What that means is, you can take those graphics, you can put them in your own colors, you can add your own images, and you can modify them. They’re also already pre-loaded to CinchShare to make it so, so easy to post and schedule and create that filler content in your business to keep people talking. So, that social bundle is a fan-favorite. Everyone loves a good timesaver!

We also get into virtual events. Every month, we have group coaching, where you’re able to pop into a Zoom call with me, ask questions, and get feedback on your business. We also sprinkle in some collab and connects. So, these are great ways to get to know other members of the Academy, to share a need of something that you’re working on, as well as share how you can help others within the Academy. It’s a great time and place to be able to really collaborate and get to know our members on a more personal level.

Now, of course, beyond that, we have seven courses that have a whole bunch of lessons in them, and a workbook to go along with them, as well as some toolkits. Now, the toolkits have recently been very, very popular. We have our Best Year Ever toolkit. We have our Short-Form Video toolkit. We have our 365 Social Bundle toolkit. We have our Party in a Post toolkit. The list goes on and on. These toolkits are meant to be so, so actionable that you’re able to pick them up and use them right away; it’s really everything that you could potentially need as a direct seller that you can take and implement into your business. Plus, you pair that with this magical community of amazing direct sellers that are so collaborative—honestly, there’s just really good people inside the Academy—and you have this support network that can really help elevate your business. So, it’s a great, great place to be!

And, we know that you can’t possibly do all of these things, right? Like, it’s just too much content. So, some of our Academy members are just there for the done-for-you training. They want to take that done-for-you training and run with it every month. Some are just there for the social bundle. Some are there because they need the accountability of the consistency tracker in doing their ABCs. Some are there for the community. It’s really up to you to determine how you can best leverage this community for your direct sales business, which is one thing that I absolutely love about the Academy.

Now, as we really launch into our spring enrollment, we have some pretty awesome bonuses that we have built into the Academy—which I couldn’t be more excited about. We’re always trying to come up with something fresh and new and exciting that we know is going to create a direct impact into your business right away.

So, one of the bonuses we have coming up here in the Academy is that we are offering a Masterclass on the Boards app. So, if you have been thinking about using Boards, or wondering what Boards is all about, we have a Masterclass on Boards coming up. We also have a Masterclass on sales strategies and sales conversations. This is going to be a great Masterclass to sharpen your sales skills and learn what those questions are that you can ask in a sales conversation to move it closer to a “yes.” I’m really excited about that! And then, our third bonus—which I already know is going to be such a favorite among our community—is that we are preloading Project Broadcast for text messaging and Boards for easy keyword shortcuts, both of which you can use to create conversation with your followers. I know this is going to be such a hit, because everyone’s always trying to find the right words to use, so if you’re not yet in the Academy, and you’ve been thinking about it, those bonuses might be where it’s at.

Also, I should mention that we have a VIP level of the Academy. And, I love, love, love our VIP-ers. You have a little bit more one-on-one coaching with me. We have separate work sessions and live events on the regular. You also get a whole bunch of fun bonuses, like access to Oh My, Hi and the vault of done-for-you trainings. The list really goes on and on. So, VIP is designed for those that are creating a long-term sustainable direct sales business and looking to invest in their personal growth. 

With that said, I would love for you to take a peek inside the Academy. We have countless stories of how the Academy has helped direct sellers level-up their businesses. Of course, you have support from your upline and from your sideline and your biz besties and your corporate office. But, there’s something around being able to connect with others in the industry, to learn from them and hear what they have going on in their business, and also having your very own business coach in your back pocket—that’s me—that really help you take your business to the next level.

That’s a little bit about the Academy in my own words. But we also want to share what some of our members have to say, so that you can hear in their words what they think about when they’re sharing more about the Modern Direct Seller Academy.


Testimonial 1: Sami

Inside the Academy, the courses have been amazing, because when you figure out exactly what it is that you need, there’s something there that you can grab walks through step by step. So, my favorite one—which is similar to a lot of people—is the follow-up formula. And, even though I know how to do email marketing in my business, it’s just great to be able to walk through, to have the templates ready, and to not have to think about it; you can just personalize it based off of where you are in your business and who your customers are. That was awesome for me.


Testimonial 2: Jenn

I’ve been in my business for over 15 years. So, sometimes you get in a rut, and you forget that you want to make it fresh and new. And so, having a new perspective from other representatives from other companies really makes working with the Academy such a win-win, because you have Becky in your pocket, and then you have all of these other leaders that have great ideas and are so willing to share. It’s not really competition or comparison or any of that. It’s really all about collaboration, which has been really new for me, and it’s really helped me step up my game.


Testimonial 3: Lisa  

When I first decided to join Becky’s Academy, I was afraid it was just going to be another course that was full of fluff and information that I couldn’t really relate to. I’ve been in direct sales for 15 years, so I feel like I’ve seen it all and heard it all. But, what I did find, and what I was excited for when I actually joined the Academy, was there was so much information available to use.

The thing that I really love about what Becky does is that she allows us to use the information to help us train our downline in our organizations. That’s something that I haven’t seen with other direct sales coaches or courses out there. Because, it’s all information that you’ve paid for. It’s for you to personally use. But, I love that Becky has that available, and that done-for-you training is awesome.

You don’t feel like another number in the Academy. There’s a great community. Everybody is willing to help. Becky and Jeremy are awesome. You can ask them questions at any time, and they’ll answer you specifically. So, it’s just another place to go when you need some help, when you need some uplifting. It’s just a great community that they’ve created on Facebook. And, I absolutely love the masterminds, where we get to work together as a team. I mean, we’re a team of people in direct sales; we’re not even a team in one company. So, it’s amazing to see that everybody pulls together and helps each other out.

So, if you feel like you need to be a part of this incredible community, head on over to to learn more. Our spring enrollment is now open!


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