This week, our podcast is coming at you from the road once more! Becky was the keynote speaker at Lemongrass Spa’s Picture the Possibilities conference in Orlando, Florida, where she chatted with members of their wonderful team—some of them part of the Modern Direct Seller Academy, too! Listen in to hear conference takeaways from consultants, directors, and even the Lemongrass Spa founder, and discover how their insight can improve your mindset and your business.

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Time based notes:

  • 1:41 Introduction to Picture the Possibilities
  • 4:51 Jodi and in-person events
  • 6:17 Amanda Harlan and community
  • 7:27 Donna Parkhurst and doing the work
  • 10:44 Susan Larimer and personal connections
  • 12:59 Tiffany Spies and growth mindset
  • 13:34 Beth Weers and practical tools
  • 14:00 Katie Brogdon and relatable training
  • 14:10 Kelly Mayne and actionable steps
  • 15:01 LaVera Mast and party in a post
  • 15:11 Brooke Hitch and party in a post
  • 16:23 Dena Gregory and non-linear growth
  • 16:39 Jenny Schrieber and new strategies
  • 17:27 Heidi Leist and Lemongrass Spa
  • 18:18 Picture the Possibilities conclusion


Catching Up with Lemongrass Spa Consultants at Conference

This week, the Modern Direct Seller Podcast was on the road once more! As many of you know, I was in Florida these last two weeks, and I had the privilege of supporting Lemongrass Spa in their incredible conference, as well as enjoying a little bit of family time. We visited some family in the Key Largo area, and we spent four days at Disney World in July—and whew! It was hot. We had a ton of fun, though, so I thought I would bring some of that fun to you for a behind-the-scenes podcast episode!

Today, you’re going to hear from some of my good friends over at Lemongrass Spa. Like I mentioned, I was able to keynote and facilitate a breakout session at their Picture the Possibilities conference, and it was an incredible time. Not only do I have a number of Modern Direct Seller Academy members with Lemongrass Spa, but I’ve also had the treat of working with their team to develop customized toolkits for their consultants in the field. So, it was especially exciting to get to see everyone in person, and it was so fun to see their conference in action.

And, if you didn’t go to conference, you might feel a little FOMO after this, because truly, there’s so much excitement that happens at conference, and so much you can gain, and so much you can learn from the community, and being there with the corporate team, and learning about new products, and just having that time away to really focus on your business. I hope that you leave this episode feeling inspired and encouraged!

I’m going to kick things off and pass it off to Jodi Crater, who is going to share a little bit about why conference is so important.


The power of attending events in-person is unlike anything that you will have just sitting in your living room, or at a coffee shop, or being connected through social media. There’s something magical that happens when you link arms side by side with other people sharing similar visions and similar goals. You cannot recreate this without being at an event with other likeminded people. Every type of leader I’ve talked to throughout the last 20 years, from making $10,000 a year to over $10 million a year, have said the biggest difference in their business was when they attended in-person events. This has been across the board, all over the world, from Russia, to Jakarta, to Turkey, to right here in Orlando, Florida. All people have the same wants and desires, and when you come together, it’s like nothing else.

So true, Jodi! It is like nothing else. If you haven’t experienced an in-person conference, it’s pretty darn incredible. So, love those words of wisdom.

Next up, we’re going to pop over to two of our Academy VIPers and leaders with Lemongrass Spa, Amanda Herlan and Donna Parkhurst.

Here’s Amanda:


I love going to conference every year to see new products and to see what is going to be released in our company in the upcoming year. But, I’d have to say that my biggest takeaway from conference is the friendships, the community, those people that are there for you through life and also with your business. They become your best friends. And, those are the people that pump you up in your business. They inspire you. They’re always there for you with your ups and downs.

And, I love, love, love one of the quotes that we heard at conference this weekend, and it was: “Mindset matters. Mindset feeds belief. Belief fuels action. And, you get to choose.” That was a hard one for me. And, that one really spoke to me this year, because I had some life circumstances that happened to me over the past three years that caused me to go on a little bit of a downer in my business, because my husband passed away, and then I got very sick myself, and I’m six months post-transplant. I’m very thankful to be able to be at conference this year. And, I am ready to be me again with my business, and Lemongrass Spa has taught me that it’s okay to be me, no matter what “me” is in my journey.

And, here’s Donna:


I just returned a few days ago from another amazing annual conference in Orlando, and I came away with so many tidbits to help me in my business. I’ve been with Lemongrass now as a leader for the past 12 years, and it just keeps getting better and better. And, every year, I come away with new ideas from training on how I can better serve my customers, grow my business, and as long as I’m willing to put in the work, the results will be there. That’s undeniable.

Becky gave us so many tidbits in the training on Saturday—just simple little nuggets that we can do throughout our day that really will make a difference in our business. And, to me, with everything else I have going on in my life besides my Lemongrass Spa business, something that takes 20 minutes is super doable. So, any one of us can grow our business as long as we’re willing to take a few minutes out of our day and put in the work that it deserves.

I love this business that I’m in. The financial gains are amazing, so let’s get that out of the way. But, connecting with other people, that is what fills my cup. So, my customers, my Lemongrass Spa sisters, whether they’re on my team or on other teams within the company, that is where the magic happens. For me, I’m all about relationship-building. So, coming together at conference in Orlando once a year, and then a leadership in January as well, those are my two times to connect and just really come together with other business builders, leaders, see what’s working in their businesses, and share ideas with each other, maybe about something we haven’t tried. We come away with new ideas, and we go home with a fresh, new perspective, ready to rock and roll in building up our business as we serve our customers and our teams. So, Becky, thank you for all that you poured into us this weekend. It was so great to meet you in person, and get to hug you, and I look forward to growing with you again this year.

So good! There’s so much to look forward to. I love hearing that from both Amanda—just such an incredible story there—and also Donna. Both have been part of the Lemongrass Spa community for many years now, and continue to just keep coming back for more.

Next up, I want you to hear from Susan Larimer, who many of you know inside the Modern Direct Seller Academy. She welcomes many of our new members with our video messages and has just been such an incredible contributor to our community. And, I’m so grateful for her support, and the fact that our paths have crossed, and we got to meet in person for the first time, which was super fun


So, some thoughts on conference. It’s kind of funny, because for some reason, I always want to talk myself out of going to our annual conference. But, this year, I talked myself into going to the annual conference, mostly because Becky Launder was our keynote speaker, and I did not want to miss her. But, I’ve been with Lemongrass Spa for nine years, and I’ve only been to two conferences—shame on me. But, when I went this year, I was so filled up. Not only do I get to connect with all of those consultants that I meet with regularly on Zoom, or on social media, but I got to meet them and reunite with them in person. I got to meet new friends. I even stretched myself a little bit and sat with people I did not know at lunch and outside of our meetings so that I could get new ideas. And, oh my gosh, it was so rewarding to meet new people, connect, collaborate, and get new ideas, new tools, new systems, new excitement.

And, at our conference, it’s always so amazing to be recognized for your accomplishments. At my former job, I got a $15 grocery store gift card for being with the company for 5 years. And, with Lemongrass Spa, you get rewarded with cash, and spa incentive trips, and awards, and all the things. So, recognition is huge. It’s also amazing and inspiring to see other consultants who have reached goals much higher than yours achieve such amazing things. We all start with the same kit, and to see what some of these consultants have done with their business with that same exact kit that I started with is just truly incredible and inspiring. I highly recommend going to conference. You will not regret it. I am already signed up for next year.

Another familiar voice you might recognize is Tiffany Spies from the Directly Different podcast. We have been on each other’s podcasts. And, Tiffany is also in the Academy. So, I’m going pass it to Tiffany:


Hi, I’m Tiffany Spies, and I am having a great time at the Lemongrass Spa conference. And, it was so great to hear Becky. One thing I learned today is about mindset, and how we can have a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset. And, when you have a growth mindset, that is going to help you accomplish more, and it is going to make you more successful in the long run, because you are not thinking about what you can’t do, but you’re thinking about what you can do and all the possibilities.

Coming up next, we have Beth Weers, Katie Brogdon, and Kelly Mayne.


Hi, I’m Beth Weers. I am a senior director with Lemongrass Spa. And, I just adore Becky. She has taught us so many practical tools. She’s given us systems to put in place, and I am totally walking away feeling much more confident with everything that I can do. They’re actual, logical steps to be more successful, and I’m so grateful.

Here’s Katie:


Hey, my name is Katie Brogdon. And, Becky’s trainings are so relatable, and they are my favorite part of conference. So, thank you!

And, here’s Kelly:


Hi, this is Kelly Mayne. I absolutely love your three money making strategies. There were so many actionable steps that I can take home and implement immediately.

That’s what it’s all about—being able to take those actionable steps home and actually implement them in your business. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Next, we’re going to shift gears a little bit and hear from LeVera Mast and Brooke Hitch, both of whom are sharing a little bit about their experience creating a party in a post, which is one more recent toolkits that we customized for Lemongrass Spa. Although we didn’t really cover that strategy during conference, I am so happy to hear that they’re finding great results using that party format.


Hi, I’m LaVera Mast. And, Becky’s party in a post template is life-changing, because it’s so easy to follow.

And, here’s Brooke:


So yeah, I was a real skeptic about the party in a post, because I felt like “I’ve done social selling,” but I went ahead and tried it anyway. We recently had a makeup sale. The perfect opportunity, right? So, I could make my pictures with the sale, and put them up, and it was so good! I had customers that hadn’t bought in a while finally buy again; customers who had told me months ago, “I’ll get into the makeup eventually,” and because of the format, it was fast and simple, and my phone was buzzing. It energized me. So, I was really glad I did it. I don’t regret it at all. And, I’m going to do more!

I love that so much! For me, getting to connect with many Lemongrass Spa consultants that I’ve had the privilege of supporting over the last six months or so, and hearing how they’re actually taking some of this training and putting it into action, was one of the most fun parts of conference.

Next, let’s hear from a couple more Academy VIPers, Dena Gregory and Jenny Schrieber.


I’m Dena Gregory, and I am a director with Lemongrass Spa. I have learned that growth is not linear. I have a big, lofty goal of doubling my last year’s total. $15,000 is my bank account goal, with 15 new members. Fifteen is my number for the year.

And, here’s Jenny:


I’m Jenny Schreiber, and I’m walking away from conference with four amazing strategies to grow my business this year. I’m excited to keep an eye on these metrics, with increasing my customer base as Number One. Number Two, increasing the sales for each order. Number Three, growing my team. And, Number Four, continuing to grow the reorder business with my customers. And, that’s going to help me rock my business and take it where I want to be this year.

Finally, as we wrap up, you’re going to hear from Lemongrass Spa’s founder and CEO, Heidi Leist!


It was so exciting having Becky here today at our in-person event in Orlando. You know, our Picture the Possibilities conference was going on this weekend, and having Becky as our keynote was phenomenal. We launched out so many new programs from stage during our company in-focus, and it all aligns with the things that are working right now in direct selling. So, I just can’t get enough good vibes from Becky and all of her training. The party in a post has been rockin’ it out with our Lemongrass Spa consultants, as well as the elevated training for leaders. So, kudos to you, Becky! This has been so, so much fun. And, we can’t wait to see what happens in 2024 with all of our Lemongrass consultants. Thanks again!

Thank you for the kind words, Heidi! It was such a treat being there with the incredible community that you’ve created. The culture at Lemongrass Spa is really incredible, and it was such good energy to be there with everyone in-person. I’m excited to see what all of you have in store for the next year! There is so much great momentum and energy and excitement in how direct sales is evolving and growing, and I just feel like it’s a really incredible time to be a part of this. So, thank you again to Lemongrass Spa for having me!


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