Everyone has a different way of approaching direct sales, but your strengths and setbacks in the industry are likely more similar to the sellers around you than you think. We’re here to show you how to use that to your advantage! The Modern Direct Seller “What is Your Direct Sales Super Power?” quiz results in one of four profiles that will give some insight into your sales strategies, clarify your strengths, offer opportunities for growth, and even suggest a Profit Path that will benefit your business. In today’s episode of the podcast, we’re diving into a description of each result, as well as providing resources to help this new knowledge work for you!

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Time based notes:

  • 0:37 Direct sales super power quiz
  • 2:33 IRL Rockstar quiz result
  • 7:16 Party Powerhouse quiz result
  • 11:32 Social Selling Sensation quiz result
  • 15:26 Digital Marketing Champ quiz result
  • 20:08 Resources for all four results


Discover Your Direct Sales Super Power

Everyone has a different way of approaching direct sales, but your strengths and setbacks in the industry are likely more similar to the sellers around you than you think. We’re here to show you how to use that to your advantage with the Modern Direct Seller “What is Your Direct Sales Super Power?” quiz! I know many of you completed the quiz and said, “Oh my goodness, this is spot on. This is exactly how I love to run my business. They’ve clued me in on where I need to focus, where my strengths are, where my opportunities are, and most excitingly, where my Profit Path lies.” And, what I mean by that is how you’re actually going to make money leveraging those strengths that you have when it comes to running your direct sales business.

Now, there are four different possible results that you can get during the quiz. So, I’m going to share with you a little bit about each of those. And, you may find yourself thinking, “Okay, I took the quiz. And, I definitely resonate with the results I got. But, maybe I want to be doing more in the realm of a different quiz result.” So, we’ll talk about how to build skills in each of those areas, as well.

With that said, let’s go ahead and dive right in.

So, the first result is an IRL Rockstar. What that means is, a direct seller that really shines in the real world. You excel at face-to-face connections, local events, and you’re truly one that thrives on those personal interactions and believes in the power of building genuine relationships with your customers. Back in the day, when I was in the field, I did a lot of vendor events. I loved spending a Saturday selling product, connecting with new people, and whenever I felt like I was in a bit of a lull in my business, that real-life connection, face to face, maybe sharing a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, was really what brought me back to what got me excited about my business. That might resonate with you if you are an In Real Life Rockstar.

If you are, you probably have that face-to-face charm. You might be more comfortable in face-to-face situations versus trying to navigate social media and the digital world that we’re in. You also probably have a great reputation and connections in your local community. People probably come to you knowing that you’re the go-to person for your product, for your business, and for where to connect them with other people that are doing things like you. You’re kind of that local hub for information.

With that, like with anything, there are some opportunities as an IRL Rockstar. While our IRL Rockstars are rocking it at face-to-face events, there’s also this opportunity to spend more time online. And, I know that sounds counterintuitive, right? But, what we know is that we can’t be in front of people 24/7. And, we know that daily selling is so, so important. If you’re an IRL Rockstar, and you don’t have a vendor event or an in-home party or a pop-up event planned, you still have to keep on selling, right? So, an opportunity for an IRL Rockstar is to find where you can nurture those relationships with your in-person connections, when you are, in fact, not in-person. So, you might be leveraging tools like Project Broadcast for texting. You might be using email marketing, like ConvertKit, to connect with your customers. Your opportunity is really to embrace those tech tools that are going to complement your in-person interactions and strengthen the relationships with those people that you have met in-person, even when you can’t actually be at their home or at an event or sharing a cup of coffee with them.

When you’re an In Real Life Rockstar, your Profit Path probably is primarily face-to-face. Most of the income that you’re generating is often happening at at-home parties, pop-up events, vendor events, and personal shopping appointments. So, when you have events scheduled, when you have things happening, then you’re going to have a lot of profit in your business. When you have a bit more of an empty calendar, things might feel a bit more at a low or a standstill for you. So, make sure that you’re out there collecting those leads in person, because those leads are pure gold. On the days that you do not have an in-person event, your primary task is following up with those leads, nurturing those leads, and moving those leads into customers, even if you can’t be face-to-face with them on that particular day.

Let’s dive in to our second result: the Party Powerhouse! Our Party Powerhouse is someone that has a super power that thrives in the digital realm. You are the ultimate host of online festivities. You love bringing fun to screens near and far. So, you are likely a social media wizard. You know how to schedule your posts, and maybe you’re using the Boards app to easily copy and paste messages into the party that you’re running online. You probably have a really active VIP group that’s highly engaged; you know how to captivate and grab their attention and work the algorithm in a way that’s going to play in your favor. You love hanging out with people at parties, and when they invite their guests, you become their BFF real fast. You excel at connecting with people, especially in the online space.

So, while you are going to continue to harness the power of online platforms and social media to expand your reach, make sure you’re bringing in the new customers, too. What we’ve seen recently is that many Party Powerhouses love to continue to love on and support their VIP peers, their past party guests, their past customers, and you do an incredible job nurturing those relationships. But, it’s so important to expand your network and bring in new leads and new customers, even when you’re not running parties. So, if you’re having trouble getting hosts to say “yes,” and your party calendar is looking a little bit empty, your opportunity here is to think outside the box a little bit. How can you create a referral program? How can you lean into your current community to bring new business in, even if online parties are not happening as often?

You also have an opportunity to freshen up your virtual events. Are you leveraging new tools, like a scroll party or a party in a post? Are you running parties both on Zoom and Facebook, or maybe even via text or Instagram? If we’re doing the same parties over and over again, our hosts get a little bored of that. So, make sure that you are broadening your skills when it comes to online parties, and trying new ways to party and get the same results but maybe in a quicker, more efficient way that’s going to give more visibility to the content that you’re sharing.

Now, of course, your Profit Path is really the online party theme. So again, you thrive by creating that engagement in your online community. Of course, the online party scene has pivoted a lot over the years. So, keeping those party scripts and those platforms fresh are super important to continue to earn income as a Party Powerhouse.

You’re probably loving some tools like CinchShare and Project Broadcast. Also, make sure that you are using RSVP forms to bring in new customers, new leads, by getting that RSVP ahead of time so you can continue to nurture that relationship and love on that lead, even if they don’t actually attend the party. You want to make sure you have direct contact information with them.

Moving right along to our third result: our Social Selling Sensation. A Social Selling Sensation is all about engaging on social media via one-on-one conversations with your followers to make sales. So, as a social seller, you are probably not doing parties, you’re probably not doing in-real-life events, but you love being all up in the PMs and DMs and building connections with your followers. Oftentimes, you’re focusing on building your personal brand. So, you’re creating really high-value content on social media that’s attracting in newbies that are following you. And then, from there, you’re moving it into a one-on-one convo in the direct messages.

You really excel when it comes to a personal touch. You excel at creating meaningful and authentic connections. You’re also a trust builder; your followers know, like, and trust you based on the social content that you’re creating. They love the recommendations that you provide even beyond your direct sales company. You’re likely recommending many products across different brands, and your followers trust your judgment, they love your product reviews, and they “add to cart” when you tell them something is really good.

So, your opportunity as a Social Selling Sensation is to explore new platforms. You may have a primary platform you’re hanging out on, but you may want to explore new platforms as trends come up and continue to grow your online presence in those areas. Your opportunity is also to be really intentional about your relationship building. You don’t have a calendar of events to fill. So, being focused and having conversations in the PMs and DMs as a Social Selling Sensation is really where the money is at. When you’re thinking about that Profit Path, you may even want to be tracking how many conversations you’re having on the regular with your followers on social. And, you don’t want to be just having conversations with the same people over and over again; you constantly need to be identifying your ideal client avatar, following them, engaging with them, sparking conversation with them, and moving it into the PMs or DMs.

One of the challenges as a Social Selling Sensation is, oftentimes, these sales don’t convert overnight; somebody could be following your journey for months or maybe even years before they actually make a purchase. So, it’s really important that you’re looking at being a Social Selling Sensation from a volume perspective. You want more followers, more connections, more conversations, and that is what’s going to lead to more profit in your business. You probably love tools like Boards or CinchShare; you might even be using Oh My, Hi! to create your own website or Linktree-type page to link out and centralize all the information you’re sharing. And, you may also be leaning into a bit more blogging and content creation and using an Oh My, Hi! website as your hub for that information.  

Now, 15% of you resonated with being a Digital Marketing Champ. Fun fact here: Over in our Academy VIP program that’s designed for leaders and seasoned direct sellers, we actually were closer to about 50% in this Digital Marketing Champ result, which I think is really interesting. It just shows the sophistication required to lead a business at that level. When you’re a leader, oftentimes you’re thinking more about systems and streamlining not only your personal business but your team, as well. So, our Digital Marketing Champ’s super power is the mastery of technology and automation. They like to spend a lot of time online, but they’re also leveraging technology to really streamline the way they’re doing their business to create a strong online presence and build relationships and have conversations at scale.

So, the super power and the strengths of Digital Marketing Champs is really around automation. Whether they’re using text automation or email automation, they probably have systems working in the background for them while they’re personally serving their customers on the front end of their business. This could look like email marketing. Text marketing. It could be leveraging landing pages and blog posts and other digital tools to really set them apart from the other quiz results. They’re also super savvy online, and they see the value of creating long-form content that’s going to be working for them beyond just posting on Facebook or Instagram. They’re really looking at ways to connect with their followers and attract new customers into their business leveraging digital marketing beyond social media.

Sometimes when we’re a systems kind of person, we get stuck in the weeds. So, a Digital Marketing Champ is going to have to really hone in on those digital skills to stay focused and make sure the work that you’re doing is truly income-producing. It’s easy to create another system, or another process, but you want to make sure that that is ultimately supporting your Profit Path. And then, in addition to having all those incredible systems working for you, you have an opportunity to really focus in on building your personal brand to establish yourself as an authority in your field.

So, the Profit Path for Digital Marketing Champs is leveraging that technology. You might be using tools like ConvertKit, Project Broadcast; you probably are using Oh My, Hi! or another website platform to build your brand, as well. And, it’s exciting when orders pop in on autopilot. But, we also want to make sure that we are showing up for our people, connecting with them directly, and keeping our messages conversational. So, ask questions. Work on getting replies back. Reply back personally. Let the heavy lifting be done with technology, but still show up as your true, genuine, authentic self.

There you have it! Those are our four incredible profiles. Now, if you haven’t taken the quiz, definitely pop over to ModernDirectSeller.com/Quiz, and when you get your quiz results, don’t overthink it. Know that you went with your gut on each of the questions. But, do think about each of these profiles and whether there’s an area that you’re looking to build skills in.

For example, maybe you’re an In Real Life Rockstar, but you know the value of becoming a Social Selling Sensation. We do have tools and resources—both free resources, as well as those inside the Academy—mapped out to each of these quiz results to truly support you on your journey and on your Profit Path as you’re building skills in each of these areas. So, take some time on that results page to see what it looks like for you. We’re also working to put a page up where you can see all four quiz results in one place. Little spoiler alert: There’s a video that I made for each and every quiz result, and I really got in character. Soon, you can watch those videos, and I think they’ll not only help you understand what you personally enjoy most when you’re building your business, but also gain some insight if you’re a leader to better understand where the people on your team fit into the business. We know that everyone has a really true, personalized Profit Path where they can do their business their way, and the more we can support that, the more successful they will be.


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