In this episode, Becky chats it up with Janelle and Tina of DEFY Sales and the Juicy Closers Podcast. Learn the basics of attraction marketing and how to ask the right questions in a sales conversation to make sure your product is the right fit for them. We dive into how not to be too “salesy” – and, how to truly be helpful and natural in conversation. We also chat about how to actually implement the “fortune is in the follow up” and how to handle contacts when they ghost you!

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Time based notes:

  • 2:00 what is DEFY Sales? Intro to Janelle & Tina
  • 4:00 basics of attraction marketing (pull versus push)
  • 5:00 dialogue in a consultative sales process
  • 6:00 importance of questions to qualify and make recommendations
  • 7:30 “yes” principle in a selling conversation and why you should avoid dumping information
  • 10:00 how to avoid being “sales-y”
  • 11:30 helper mindset
  • 12:00 speak to benefits, not features of products
  • 15:00 follow up as a skill and with purpose
  • 18:00 phrase that pays: “I thought of you!”
  • 19:00 different ways to follow up
  • 19:20 “I thought of you. We have some thing new that would be perfect for you. Would you like to take a look at it?”
  • 21:00 Subject: are you ghosting me?
  • 22:15 providing specific and quirky ways to check in

Show sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Modern Direct Seller Box.

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