On this week’s episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast we’re diving deep into my monthly goal-setting process, reflecting on what worked in April and gearing up for some serious success in May. Get ready for actionable strategies to boost your sales and grow your team, along with tips for navigating your busy schedule and prioritizing self-care. Listen in to make May your best month yet!

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Time based notes:

  • [00:02] Becky launder intro
  • [01:59] Why May is a pivotal month
  • [04:04] Best Year Ever Workbook
  • [04:42] Key questions to ask looking back on April
  • [05:06] Metrics that matter in business
  • [06:06] Marketing metrics
  • [06:44] Identifying key dates
  • [07:39] Identifying your top business priorities
  • [13:23] Identifying your goals for the month
  • [19:58] May Lift-Off Challenge


Make More Money in May

When we’re looking back on April, some key questions you’re going to want to ask are: (1) what worked? (2) what didn’t work? Also really think about what surprised you, what opportunities you’re grateful for, and what got left unfinished. 

Send some time looking at metrics also. Now, I know not everyone’s the numbers person, but I do think it’s important at the end of each month, rolling into the next month, that we’re looking at those metrics that matter to us in our business. For each of you, you might define those metrics differently. Some may look at personal sales, team sales, personal income, team income, and total income while others might care more about the number of people that have joined their team, recruits, and total number of new teammates. Those are some sales metrics you may want to start tracking. 

Similarly, look at marketing metrics as well. That could be the number of email subscribers, the number of people following your page or your profile, or your Instagram account. It could be the number of people in your group or any other platforms that you’re using as a tool to bring in new leads into your business.

The next step in the process is to grab a blank calendar. Grab a blank calendar for May and identify any key dates that you do not want to forget. It may be pop-ups that you have scheduled or online events that are happening. It could even be planned vacations or some days that you absolutely know you’re not working. Whatever they are, jot them down!  

Now, the next stage of this planning process is what I like to call the plan it out stage. This page in the workbook looks like a bunch of sticky notes all over the page because it’s meant to invoke ideas and strategies. The first one is, What are your top business priorities for the month? Are you focused on team growth? Are you focused on your personal sales volume? Are you focused on launching that blog, that website, that text, or that email campaign? Getting clear on what those priorities are going to help you keep them front and center. We also think about what marketing themes or promotions might be happening for the month.

All of those metrics are really important to know where your focus is and where you’re going in your business. Same thing for marketing. One of the numbers that we track very, very diligently is the number of email subscribers we have.

The last piece of this is what I like to call the one-page growth plan. We’re putting it down on paper. These are your goals for the month. You’re identifying your bank account goal. You’re putting your sales goal in. Then we’re also talking about the team goal.

When we’re talking about moneymaking activity in May, I would encourage you to pick a moneymaking event. It’s an excuse for you to reach out to your existing customers, but also invite new customers. That could be a party in a post, a live sale, an inventory sale, an in-home party, an open house, a virtual event, a popsicle pop-up, or a workshop. The list goes on and on. 

The beautiful thing about direct sales is that you have the opportunity to make your own schedule and be flexible in when you’re working your business and how you’re showing up. May is being really intentional about bringing in new customers, making new connections, and building a strong foundation rolling into the summer months. We know, historically speaking, June and July can be a little bit slower. So we must have a lot of momentum during May or May-cember to make sure that as we float into those summer months we are truly set up for success.

I have an invitation for you as we wrap up today’s podcast. We have a Lift-Off Challenge, our May Lift-Off Challenge that is starting on Monday, May 6th. This is truly the challenge to do now right here in May to set yourself up for June and July so you’re not only making money and seeing a lot of success, but you’re also enjoying your summer because that’s a big part of it. So come join us!

If you’re not in the Academy, you can pop in right now and get started for $29 over in the Modern Direct Seller Academy. Of course, we’re going to have prizes every day. And as a bonus, if you’re a leader, we’re going to give you the Canva template — social graphics, all preloaded and easy for you.

Come check us out, at moderndirectselleracademy.com. I am cheering you on as you move into May and make some big moves in your business. Good things are happening all around and with a plan in place, I am confident you can do incredible things in your business!


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