In today’s episode, we’re diving into the reasons why attending your company conference is an absolute must! We’ve gathered insights directly from YOU: Our amazing Modern Direct Seller community. Are you ready for this? Listen in to hear 10 unique perspectives on why investing in your company’s conference is a game-changer for your business and personal growth. Let’s dive in!

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Top Ten Reasons to go to Your Company’s Conference

Reason #1: Travel Opportunities

Tisha Seeley highlights the allure of travel, product discounts, and the chance to reunite with fellow sellers. “Travel product discount and to see my people.” I know for many, being part of a direct sales company is exciting because you get opportunities to go places you’ve never been able to go before. I personally have gotten to go to really cool places being part of company conferences.

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Reason 2: Networking and Community Building

Angie Robertson and Kelli Knight emphasize the importance of networking and community in reinvigorating passion and drive: “Networking and community… you can feel the vision of the company.” The sense of belonging and shared purpose cultivated at these events is unparalleled, offering a supportive environment where sellers can learn from one another, forge new friendships, and reignite their entrepreneurial spirit.

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Reason 3: Investing in Yourself

I love what Sheri said. I think most of us spend a lot of time pouring into other people. Going to a conference is an opportunity for you to invest in yourself and tell yourself that “This business is important to me. I’m going to do this for me”. As Sheri said, that show up, go up.

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Reason 4: Engaging with Keynote Speakers

Heather and Kristine mentioned how much they enjoy conferences because they get to see me (which is incredibly flattering!), but I know they also love the chance to hear from keynote speakers and trainers, and catch up with colleagues they don’t see very often. The feeling is definitely mutual!

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Reason 5: Finding Motivation and Inspiration

Jacklyn highlights the electrifying atmosphere of conferences and how she’s always left feeling ignited by the entrepreneurial fire. With inspiring stories, success celebrations, and a contagious sense of community, conferences really leave you ready to crush your goals. 

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Reason 6: Recognition for Hard Work

Conferences often hold ceremonies to honor the achievements of employees. Mandy values this part about a conference because she receives recognition for her hard work. Many find validation in being seen and appreciated. It might be crossing a stage, a ribbon, a button, a t-shirt, or a swag bag. Whatever it might be for you, that recognition of being seen that your hard work is paying off is absolutely huge.

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Reason 7: Building Friendships

A conference is essential to fill your cup, Jennifer says. She cherishes the opportunity to connect with fellow consultants who are now like a second family. This shared experience adds another exciting layer to conferences. It’s not just about acquiring new knowledge, but also building relationships that enrich both your professional and personal life.

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Reason 8: Gaining Product Knowledge

Tiffany enjoys going to conferences because she gets direct product knowledge from the team that makes them. This helps her know everything she needs to know so she can give her customers the best possible service. I totally agree, Tiffany! To add, conferences are a great way to learn all about new products before anyone else, and sometimes you even get to try them out for yourself!

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Reason 9: Discovering What’s Possible

For Ashley, conferences are a reminder of all the incredible things that you’ve accomplished and all that’s about to come. Hearing incredible sales numbers or team growth is an exciting place to really look and see what’s been done and what’s possible for you. If you’re not seeing these in the day-to-day of your business, you’re going to see them at a conference and be so inspired and so excited to dive back into your business.

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Reason 10: Spoiling Yourself

Lindsey summed it up perfectly: the best part of the conference is the whole dang experience! From learning from industry leaders to building valuable connections, you’ll get inspired, gain friendships, get early access to new products, and even score some seriously cool swag! 

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Now, before we wrap things up, here’s a conference pro tip to unlock the full potential of your experience: Give yourself permission to stay an extra day at your hotel. I learned after my first few conferences that booking that extra day is a game-changer because you get to process everything you learned and really make sense of where you can take action in your business. Yes, you want to go to conferences to be inspired, get motivated, make friends, connect, network – all of the beautiful things I just shared. And most importantly, you want to take what you learn and put it into action. So if you can stay an extra day, do it.


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