Today’s episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast is all about social media and some of the most common pitfalls direct sellers face. We’ll discuss how to find the right balance between personal and business posts, why keeping all your content private might be holding you back, and the importance of active engagement with your audience. Tune in for actionable tips to level up your social media game!

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Time based notes:

  • [00:02] Introduction
  • [02:42] Disclaimer
  • [04:10] Don’t keep your posts private
  • [05:51] Why you should post public content
  • [07:58] Hesitations in publishing public content
  • [09:50] Types of social media accounts
  • [10:23] Stop posting about business only
  • [11:47] The 80-20 Rule
  • [14:23] Stop avoiding engagement
  • [15:34] Posting and Praying


3 Things Direct Sellers Should Stop Doing on Social Media

1. Stop Keeping Your Posts Private

The first one is around keeping your posts private. I know that back in the day on social media, we were trained to keep all of our business content in a closed private VIP Facebook customer group. It’s a great way to build community and have a solid group of people who are following you. But if your VIP group has become very quiet, it’s okay to pivot. It is important to be creating content that is public. Why? Because we want it shareable and discoverable.

2. Stop Posting About Business Only

If you’re spending 100% of your time creating content that is business-focused, people are probably going to tune you out. It’s a big turn-off for your followers if all they’re hearing about is your business, or worse, all they’re seeing is content where you’re selling or using kind of company-created generic graphics. It is so important for you to share your personality and build this relatable brand that people want to connect to. So as you’re creating your content and mapping out a content strategy, make sure that you’re sprinkling in personal stories as well. I love the 80-20 rule that 80% of your content should be high value. It should be educational. It should be entertaining. It should be insightful. It should be inspiring, and just 20% of your content should be really focused on selling.

3. Stop Refraining From Engagement on Social Media

Stop posting and ghosting and not engaging in social media. Social media is meant to be social so it’s not just what you post, but it’s reaching out to your followers and engaging back with them. Wwe must be intentional about what we’re posting and stay engaged after we make that post. This is all part of building relationships, supporting people, and getting to know people on a human level. This is what really makes your business unique and different from a big box store or just another e-commerce store.

To recap, here are the three things we’re ditching on social media: keeping posts private, solely focusing on business content, and avoiding engagement. If you resonate with any of these points, don’t worry, change is part of growth. 

Did you find today’s episode helpful? There’s a lot more in store for you at our upcoming Get Social This Summer workshop. See you there!


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