Today’s episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast is all about avoiding social media burnout. We’re sharing practical strategies aimed at keeping your social media game strong without feeling overwhelmed. Tune in for tips on setting boundaries, curating a positive feed, and using content planning tools to stay consistent and stress-free. Don’t miss this episode—it’s packed with actionable advice to help you thrive online and enjoy your social media journey!

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Time based notes:

  • [00:02] Introduction
  • [00:46] Get Social This Summer Workshop
  • [03:46] Modern Direct Seller Academy
  • [04:50] The challenge of comparison
  • [06:42] You don’t need tons of followers to thrive
  • [07:00] Setting clear work hours
  • [09:58] Using CinchShare
  • [10:55] Practicing self-care
  • [13:54] Letting go of expectations
  • [14:19] Digital detox


Tips for Avoiding Social Media Burnout

1. Setting clear work hours and social media-free times

I use a Chrome extension called the Facebook News Feed Eradicator. It removes the curated feed that Facebook believes you want to see from your desktop computer. So when I am browsing online, I am not seeing any of that recommended content. In fact, it replaces it with a productivity quote.

2. Using CinchShare—favorite scheduling tool

I use CinchShare to cross-post across all my platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. Using scheduled content allows me to have a constant social media presence and show up regularly, without having to create that content in real-time. The batch-creating process has been absolutely critical to me, and it also allows me to repurpose content that performs well.

3. Practicing self-care on social media

Take breaks from social media. If you’re feeling burnt out, it is okay to press pause. People aren’t going anywhere. You’re not going to lose the algorithm just by taking a little bit of a break. So if you feel like you need to have that detox and pull yourself away from social media, it is perfectly okay to do that.

4. Letting go of expectations

The reality is you don’t need that many people to have a thriving direct sales business. I’d much rather have a hundred loyal customers who adore me than 10,000 followers who don’t care at all. So let go of those expectations that you have to have big numbers, and just focus on those people that are following you. Set some realistic goals when it comes to your expectations on the number of followers, the reach, and the engagement you’re working to obtain.

5. Starting a digital detox

Sometimes on social media, we feel like everything’s an emergency. We have to get back to people within seconds or respond to their comments in seconds. But really, if you wait a day, nothing bad is going to happen. We are not in the business of emergency medical care. We can take a break. We can give ourselves 24 hours without social media to come back refreshed, feeling good, and excited about the content we’re sharing. So don’t be afraid to draw those boundaries when it comes to your work hours, and when you’re responding to your team as well as your customers.

We hope these tips help you avoid feeling burnt out on social media. We’re excited to hear your takeaways from today’s episode. If you want to share them, feel free to connect with us on Instagram at @moderndirectseller. We genuinely value your feedback and insights.

Don’t forget about our upcoming workshop, Get Social This Summer on June 20 where we’ll dive into setting boundaries and crafting a strategic content plan. It’s all about harnessing social media’s power while maintaining balance in our lives. Wishing you all an incredible day ahead!


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