In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, we’re thrilled to have Ann Raulston, Head of Sales for LifeRegen. Ann shares the story behind the up-and-coming brand and provides valuable insights into maintaining genuine connections with customers. Tune in to learn about Ann’s background as a multimillion-dollar business owner and discover insightful tips on how to stay relevant. Whether you’re just starting out or already growing your business, this is a conversation you won’t want to miss!

Connect with Ann at [email protected]. To learn more about LifeRegen’s science and products, visit


Time based notes:

  • [00:02] Introduction
  • [01:15] Ann Raulston’s background
  • [02:34] What is LifeRegen?
  • [08:16] Other products of LifeRegen
  • [08:47] What does start-up mode feel like?
  • [09:38] LifeRegen’s Affiliate Program
  • [10:05] Business Partner Model
  • [10:20] Content Creator Program
  • [11:49] Event for Content Creators
  • [14:32] How drug sales are evolving
  • [18:45] How to stay relevant?
  • [20:47] What’s Ann’s favorite office supply?


What is LifeRegen?
Ann: This is a new brand, a revolutionary product. It’s a marriage of Eastern and Western medicine. It was started by a doctor in China who discovered a compound, which is a proprietary blend made up of three main ingredients: black sesame seed oil, skullcap root, and beeswax.


Aside from the proprietary blend, what other products do you offer?
Ann: In addition to that blend, we also have all the peptides that one would expect because if you help those skin cells regenerate, they need nourishment.


What does startup mode feel like? And most importantly, how are you attracting new affiliates to the brand?
Ann: I can tell you from a corporate perspective, it’s better than starting a business from scratch because we’ve got a lot of experience. We know what doesn’t work for people now. A lot of the old ways that I frankly grew up with and use, nobody resonates with them anymore.

We have an Affiliate Program which means I sell. I can work out how much I have to sell to get what I want to make, whether that’s $200, $50, whatever it is. 

We also have a Business Partner Model. If you’re interested in selling, building, or if you’re already a leader who knows you want to build your business, that is the route for you. 

Lastly, we have a Content Creator Program where ‘influencers’ as they call it can create content on social media. It’s a wonderful PR program and a way of spreading awareness. They can also earn 20% profit like a regular affiliate by letting people know how to use the regimen and what they love best about it.


How are drug sales evolving, and what do you think it takes to stay relevant?
Ann: The connection is everything. It’s how I built my business. Today, people aren’t interested in your product. I think Maya Angelou said it, they don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. No one will care until they realize that you genuinely understand and prioritize their needs and desires.

Ann’s Posting Pro-Tip: Consider making one out of every five posts about your business. The rest should focus on you and sharing knowledge. People come back to you for knowledge, because you’re teaching them something and you connect with them.


How can direct sellers stay relevant?
Ann: Listen to what’s going on out there. Listen to people wiser than you, and those who have been in this longer than you. If what you’re doing is working, don’t change it, but add to it.


What is your favorite office supply?
Ann: I don’t have one, except for an Emily Dickinson quote that I’ve had for years on my desk, which says, “Dwell in possibilities.”


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