On this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, our amazing guest, Julie Godshall joins us to share a new innovative method for online parties which she calls Direct Sales On Demand. As a seasoned Noonday Ambassador, she has literally flipped the script for parties and shares how you can leverage Canva to create pop up parties your guests can attend based on their own schedule!

Learn more about Julie and get her free templates: juliegodshall.com/mds


Time based notes:

  • 2:00 background with Noonday and love for ethical fashion
  • 3:30 exercising entrepreneurship muscle by helping other direct sellers with parties on demand
  • 5:30 systems defined
  • 6:20 importance of simple systems
  • 8:00 detailed checklist for your party process to minimize energy expenditure and teach others
  • 9:15 importance of a checklist for leads
  • 10:00 task management checklists
  • 10:40 ClickUp recommendation for tenured direct sellers or systems nerds
  • 12:50 what on demand shows/parties are like
  • 14:00 how to use on demand as a hybrid strategy
  • 15:00 waxing poetic on paradigm shifts in direct sales
  • 18:00 accessing information when it’s convenient serves your customers
  • 20:00 virtual party rooms, mental shift of on demand versus traditional party
  • 22:00 Canva tips
  • 24:00 expanse of tools on Canva
  • 26:00 importance of personal branding
  • 28:00 knowing how to create basic designs in Canva to save time


Show sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Modern Direct Seller Box.

Take Action: What is one switch you can make to upgrade the way you do online parties?

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