In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, you’ll hear from Sandra Julian. Sandra shares the must-track metrics in your business: revenue, expenses, profit. She also shares a metric you may have never considered before — the Freedom Metric. This metric is all about dreaming big by breaking down the costs of your “dream life” and how to reverse engineer achieving that goal. You’ll also learn how to leverage simple systems to save you time (and money)!

Connect with Sandra:


Time based notes:

  • 2:00 how Sandra serves small business with her love for finance
  • 6:00 what are your expenses? Use a fine tooth comb!
  • 9:00 breaking down profit
  • 13:00 “freedom metric”
  • 15:00 cost breakdown of dream life
  • 18:00 reverse engineer current daily inputs
  • 21:00 approach big dreams practically
  • 23:00 importance of financial systems
  • 26:00 how accounting tools simplify and save time
  • 28:00 where to find Sandra


Resources mentioned in this episode:


Show sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Modern Direct Seller Box.

Take Action: How does the cost of your “dream life” break down?

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