In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, you’ll meet Lori O’Keefe, with Crank Up Your Moxie! Lori is a causal life coach that works with overwhelmed network marketers to get them feeling better so they can build a team of go-getters and make some big money in the most fun and easy way! In this episode, Lori shares how our brains actually work to give us the power to create all the results we want. Sound dreamy? Give it a listen!

Connect with Lori: 


Time based notes:

  • 2:00 Lori’s background, turning adversity into opportunity
  • 6:00 what is the future game?
  • 7:00 think like a toddler
  • 9:00 feelings- thoughts- actions
  • 12:00 identifying toxic thoughts
  • 13:30 replacing toxic thoughts with forward moving beliefs
  • 16:00 playing “dress up” with thoughts
  • 20:00 thoughts versus facts exercise
  • 26:00 where to find Lori


Show sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy and the Modern Direct Seller Box.

Take Action: How can understanding your brain help you to improve your biz?

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  1. David Juarez

    We’re you taking on new clients?


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