In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, we’ve invited Julie Godshall back to share her newest system designed for party-plan direct sellers. Julie shares how Sparkhub can save time, streamline parties and result in more effective online and in-person parties. This powerful software can unburden yourself from the admin and focus instead on relationships. Plus, we talk pizza, the ever-changing online party scene and what it is like to have a hubby for a business partner.

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Time based notes:

  • 00:52 meet Julie Godshall
  • 5:14 analogy on the online events space
  • 8:49 what makes Sparkhub different
  • 13:32 move that friction to make it easy
  • 14:34 resources for the host
  • 17:10 you need to have an invitation process
  • 18:29 how to automate your Facebook posts
  • 20:07 it’s really nice to have technology and automation
  • 23:28 best advice on direct sellers


Pizza, Parties, and Profits: Julie Godshall’s Recipe for Direct Sales Success

Direct sales isn’t just about moving products—it’s about building connections, having fun, and maybe even enjoying a slice of pizza along the way. In a lively episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, host Becky Launder sat down with the brilliant Julie Godshall to uncover the secrets behind her direct sales triumphs.

Julie’s journey from a math whiz to a direct sales dynamo is a tale of unexpected twists and delightful discoveries. “My brain craved numbers, but my heart craved connection,” Julie chuckled during the podcast. “And that’s when I realized I could have my cake and eat it too—or should I say, have my pizza and sell it too!”

The seismic shift to virtual events in 2020 catapulted Julie into uncharted territory, prompting her to concoct the ingenious Direct Sales On Demand program. “It was like finding the secret ingredient to the perfect pizza,” Julie quipped. “Suddenly, sellers could whip up a delicious party page, sprinkle some authentic text messaging, and voilà—party success served piping hot!”

Julie’s analogy likening direct sales events to pizzas—some pepperoni, some vegetarian—elicited laughter, but also profound insight. “Whether you’re dishing out pepperoni pies or veggie delights, it’s all about serving up a slice of fun and connection,” she enthused. “After all, who doesn’t love a good pizza party?”

At the heart of Julie’s strategy lies her “SPARK” approach, a tantalizing recipe for party perfection. “It’s like assembling the ultimate pizza—starting with a tasty signup page, layering on a flavorful party page, sprinkling on some authentic text messaging, tossing in resources for the host, and keeping key information at your fingertips,” Julie elaborated. “The result? A party that sizzles and delights!”

Julie’s partnership with her husband, a software guru, adds an extra dash of humor to her direct sales escapades. “It’s like we’re running a pizza parlor together—except instead of kneading dough, we’re kneading code!” Julie quipped, amidst laughter. “But seriously, clear communication and knowing our roles are the secret ingredients to our success.”

In Julie’s world, party flops are merely opportunities for a playful pivot. “If the pizza falls flat, add some extra cheese and turn it into a calzone!” she joked. “Remember, it’s not just about the party—it’s about nurturing relationships from the get-go. That way, even if the crust crumbles, you’ve still got loyal customers cheering you on!”

With Julie’s zest for life and penchant for pizza-fueled analogies, it’s no wonder she’s become a beacon of inspiration in the direct sales community. Her recipe for success is simple: infuse every interaction with authenticity, sprinkle on a dash of innovation, and don’t forget to enjoy the journey—one delicious slice at a time.

As Julie herself puts it, “In the world of direct sales, every party is a celebration, every connection a delight. So, grab a slice of pizza, raise a glass, and let’s toast to the sweet taste of success!” Cheers to that, Julie!

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