In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, you’ll meet Direct Sidekick Founder, Steve Nauta. You’ll learn about Steve’s background in finance and technology, and how his wife’s journey into direct sales inspired him to create a better system to keep track of finances. Steve stresses the importance of separate bank accounts, good business habits, and automating your accounting with Direct Sidekick. Listen in to learn from Steve, and how Direct Sidekick is making direct sales accounting easier!

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Time based notes:

  • 0:50 Meet Steve Nauta
  • 1:31 Steve Nauta’s Background
  • 05:17 Growth of Direct Sidekick
  • 05:53 How It Direct Sidekick Works
  • 07:48 Function for Managing Inventories
  • 08:41 When Should Business Owners Use Direct Sidekick?
  • 09:50 Using These System From the Onset of Your Business is Beneficial
  • 09:54 How Direct Sidekick Helps You Form Good Habits
  • 10:31 Can You Catch up on Past Transactions?
  • 11:40 Why Should You Separate Business & Personal Finances?
  • 13:34 Should You Set Up an Official Business Checking Account?
  • 14:26 Tips for Direct Sellers on Keeping Track of Their Business
  • 20:47 What Support Does Direct Sidekick Provide to Customers?
  • 22:28 The Website is Mobile App Optimized
  • 22:50 Where to Learn More About Direct Sidekick


This episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast is sponsored by my new class, Five Secrets to Stand Out Beyond Social Media. In this class, you will learn how to stand out beyond just posting on social media day in & day out, and it will provide you with practical tools/strategies to build your business and not be reliant on the algorithm. It is totally free and includes a workbook.

Take Action: What is one way that you can make accounting easier in your biz?

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