In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, you’ll meet Hanieh Sigari, entrepreneur, biochemist, mom, and CEO of the holistic California-based skincare brand, Qyral. Joining in on the discussion is Qyral’s VP of Sales, Mark Carr. With over a decade of senior-level experience in network marketing, and over 20 years of experience, Mark shares valuable insights into Qyral and the industry as a whole. You’ll learn how Hanieh has been able to combine her business acumen, bioscience knowledge, and passion for empowering women to be beautiful and financially free with Qyral. Listen in to learn from Hanieh and Mark, and their mission to improve lives and increase longevity through personalization!

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Time based notes:

  • 0:52 Meet Hanieh Sigari and Mark Carr
  • 01:36 Hanieh’s Background
  • 06:43 Mark’s Background
  • 08:43 Personalized Products
  • 12:19 Why Direct Sales?
  • 19:18 Qyral’s Mission
  • 23:02 What’s Coming Next for Qyral
  • 28:19 What’s Working and What is Not in Direct Sales


Unveiling the Future of Direct Sales: A Conversation with Qyral’s CEO

In this episode of The Modern Direct Seller Podcast, Becky sat down with Hanieh Sigari, and Mark Carr of Qyral. Hanieh, Qyral’s CEO, introduces the company’s groundbreaking personalized skincare approach. Mark emphasizes the power of relationships in direct sales and how Qyral is revolutionizing the industry with simplicity and mobility. Listen in to learn from Hanieh and Mark, and their mission to improve lives and increase longevity through personalization!


Personalization in Skincare: A Game-Changer

Hanieh Sigari, CEO of Qyral, shared her inspiration behind the creation of the company, rooted in her background in biology, psychology, and gerontology. Her journey began with a home healthcare business, but it was the realization that aging starts early and a desire to bring personalization to the skincare industry that led to the birth of Qyral.

“Personalization is where I see the future being. If we can add 10-15 years to someone’s life, that would be incredible.” – Hanieh Sigari


Innovative Products and Compensation Plans

Qyral stands out not only for its personalized skincare products but also for its unique approach to compensation in the network marketing world. With a focus on personalization and innovative products, Qyral aims to disrupt the traditional skin care industry.

“I didn’t want to lose that startup feel. Even if we’re 20 years into it with hundreds of thousands of consultants, we want to stay ahead of what’s happening.” – Hanieh Sigari


The Importance of Relationships in Direct Sales

Mark Carr, VP of Sales at Qyral, emphasized the significance of relationships in the direct sales business. Focusing on building and strengthening relationships is key to success, creating a sense of community that goes beyond just selling products.

“It’s all about relationships. How did you strengthen existing relationships today, and how did you build new relationships today?” – Mark Carr


Embracing Change and Staying Nimble

Both Hanieh and Mark highlighted the need for agility and adaptability in the industry. Staying ahead of trends, embracing technology, and being mobile-friendly are crucial aspects of their strategy.

“People’s lives are on their phones. We want to be mobile, quick, and go to our customers. It’s about meeting them where they’re at.” – Mark Carr


Taking Qyral on the Road

To connect with their community, Hanieh and Mark are embarking on a series of trips, starting from Dallas to Boston and New Jersey. These events serve as opportunities to introduce Qyral to new audiences and strengthen the existing relationships with consultants.

“We just need to get in front of people. When people come and meet us, and they hear what we have to offer, they love it.” – Mark Carr


Looking to the Future: Telehealth and Beyond

Qyral’s vision extends beyond skincare. The pair are excited about the potential in telehealth services, incorporating doctors, and creating personalized solutions for various aspects of life.

“We’re not going to stop until we personalize everything that you interact with.” – Hanieh Sigari


Conclusion: The Summer of Innovation in Direct Sales

As the direct sales industry evolves, Qyral stands out for its commitment to innovation, personalization, and community building. The summer of 2022 marks a season of change and excitement, with direct sellers focusing on mobile-friendly strategies, relationship-building, and embracing new possibilities.

To stay updated with Qyral’s journey, take a peek at their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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