In this episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast, you’ll hear from Jeremy Launder, Co-Founder and COO of Modern Direct Seller, and the brains behind the simple personalized website designed specifically for direct sellers called Oh My, Hi! He walks through the features you can expect on the platform, and reveals a new feature that he’s been working on behind the scenes: Adding a blog feature to Oh My, Hi! Becky also chimes in to deliver a training on why a website is a must-have in your direct sales business. Tune in to hear how you can add a website to your marketing strategy in a matter of hours with Oh My, Hi!



Time based notes:

  • 01:13 Introducing: Oh My, Hi!
  • 03:50 How Oh My, Hi Works
  • 06:18 Special Promo
  • 07:58 Introduction of Today’s Training Topic: 10 Reasons Why You NEED a Website
  • 10:19 #1: You can be Found
  • 11:24 #2: You can Share Updates with Your Customers in Real-Time
  • 11:56 #3: You can Blog
  • 13:16 #4: It Elevates Your Personal Brand
  • 14:08 #5: You can Tell Your Story
  • 14:43 #6: You can Grow Your Contact List
  • 15:47 #7: Your Website will Fuel Social Media Growth
  • 16:31 #8: You can Share Customer Testimonials
  • 17:10 #9: You can Customize Landing Pages
  • 17:41 10#: You can Sharpen Your Skills


This episode is sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy. The Modern Direct Seller Academy is jam-packed with all of my training courses and downloads to help you get more leads, customers, hostesses and teammates. We help you with accountability to prioritize active selling strategies that are truly going to grow your business. Go ahead and check it out over at

Take Action: What is one way that a website could elevate your business?

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