Are you wondering what goes into successful direct sales on a daily basis? In this episode of the podcast, we’re diving deep into the scheduling, systems, and strategies of some of our Modern Direct Seller Academy VIPs: Lisa Duck, Debbie Kimble, Allison Bailey, and Marie Olson. Listen in as they discuss what makes their businesses tick, and grab a few of their favorite tips to get your own sales even further off the ground!

Connect with Marie Olson on her website, Facebook and Instagram.
Connect with Allison Bailey on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
Connect with Lisa Duck on her website, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.
Connect with Debbie Kimble on her Oh My, Hi website and Facebook.


Time based notes:

  • 1:38 Lisa Duck introduction
  • 2:09 Debbie Kimble introduction
  • 2:34 Allison Bailey introduction
  • 3:27 Marie Olson introduction
  • 5:41 Allison Bailey day-to-day business
  • 8:26 Lisa Duck day-to-day business
  • 10:33 Debbie Kimble day-to-day business
  • 12:15 Marie Olson day-to-day business
  • 16:29 What’s working for Debbie Kimble
  • 18:10 What’s working for Marie Olson
  • 19:30 What’s working for Lisa Duck
  • 20:32 What’s working for Allison Bailey
  • 22:55 How the Academy has helped 30:50 Where to find Marie, Allison, Lisa, and Debbie


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Schedule your social media through Vizzlie, Socially Inclined, or Cinchshare.
Connect with your clients through:


This episode is sponsored by the Modern Direct Seller Academy.

Take Action: What systems can you implement to make your direct sales biz more successful?

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