What does One More Do for Your Direct Sales Biz?

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Did you ever think of the Number ONE as a big number? You think I’m crazy right. The number ONE is a small number when you look at it alone. All by itself. Now let’s consider ONE MORE of something. Ever wish you had another hour in a day or another day (aww heck, one more week) of vacation? Maybe one more weekend day (imagine how much you could get done)! See, that ONE MORE made a big difference in how we view something. Let’s consider the power of that ONE when relating it to your Direct Sales Biz:

  • What would ONE more sale in a week look like for your business in a month/year?
  • What would ONE more sale in a week look like for your business in a month/year?
  • How about ONE more helpful Reel or Video a week for your customers do for your business in a month or even a year?
  • What if you added ONE more business builder/team mate to your team every month? What would that do for you in a year?


So I’m a numbers girl, here’s the breakdown about how/why this matters…

  • One more conversation a day is about 23 more convos a month/260 more convos in a year. And guess what? Odds are out of those convos something good is going to happen in your business! It only takes ONE of those convos to be a new sale, new team member, etc. It all starts with those conversations!
  • One more sale in a week. Take your average sale amount (ex. $80). Add just one more sale a week, you’ve added $320 to your sales in a month and over $4,160 in a year. That adds up, doesn’t it? That’s one little sale added a week.
  • Create One more Short for Video (Reel) or Long Form Video in a week – or if you’re a blogger, One more Blog post in a week. That’s 4 new resources for your customers a month AND 52 new resources in a year. Original content is what makes us stand out as the owner of a Direct Sales Biz.
  • Add One more Business Builder/Teammate to your Team Every Month. That’s 12 new Team Members in a year. It only takes ONE (see a trend here…) out of those 12 to take your Direct Sales Team to the next level.


Consider where you are now and how many conversations you have in a day, sales you have in a week, pieces of content you create in a week, and how many team mates you add in a month – and consider that power of ONE! It takes that small number over time to make a HUGE difference in your business.

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