Setting the Vision for Your Direct Sales Team

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Today let’s talk about something that gets me REALLY excited as a leader! Setting your vision and defining culture for your direct sales team. AND if you don’t have a team, yet… keep reading. It’s never too early to think about what you’ll create!

As a leader one of the awesome privileges is you are driving the bus and choosing where your team is going and ALSO what it’s like being on your team–that’s the vision and culture.

Take a few minutes to  really think about where you want to take your team!

See the Vision

Let’s break it down. First, VISION! Think direction and goals for you and EVERYONE on your team now and in the future. Think BIG– what do you want your team to look like, act like and be part of a year from now.

It’s pretty powerful when we dream big. So take the time to really think about where you see your team going. There is no right or wrong here, because the beauty of building your own team as a direct sales leader is that you’re driving.

After you lock down your vision and get really clear. You’ll want to clearly articulate it to your team–and when it’s true to you, you’ll inspire your team and help them see the vision that they are part of something even bigger.  Win-Win!

Here are a few examples of a team vision to spark your brainstorm:

Our Super Star Team will be a MILLION DOLLAR Team by the end of next year.

Team Awesome will change the lives of 1,000 customers this year.

Our Amazing Team will have team members in every state in the U.S. by year-end.

Culture=How we Live

Now, let’s take a minute to think about culture. You’ve probably heard it talked about before as several different things, your purpose, your values… basically it’s how you LIVE your life and as a leader, it’s weaved into every piece of what it feels like to be part of the team. .

Culture is learned by example, so you’ll want to weave the culture of your team into everything you do and every interaction with your team members–such as onboardings and trainings. You’ll inherit some of your company’s culture, but the culture of your team will be unique just to your group.

If things don’t line up with your culture, it’ll feel a little… off. So think about must-have non-negotiables for your team. What does it look like? (OR what do you want it to look like?)

Maybe your team has a culture of respect or recognition. Or perhaps your team will be known for being results oriented or growth. Maybe you’re going to be the happiest team EVER! Or, a team of love and support that reaches beyond the product you sell. It’s up to you, isn’t that great?! And the clearer you are with where you’re going and how you’ll get there, the easier it will be to have all the aspects of your business funnel through these attributes.

Some last words.

Even if it’s just you now, or 5 team members, or maybe 100–this is exciting stuff. If you haven’t taken time to really think about your vision and culture for your team, NOW is the time! The truth is, you’re building a team culture whether you’ve thought about it or not. And without a vision, your team won’t reach its potential. Set aside some time for reflection to gain clarity around your team’s vision and culture. Then, share it with your team – they chose you to be their leader so let’s rally their excitement around your ahh-mazing team. You da boss!

To get going, share in the comments, what are some must have attributes for your team culture?

If this was right up your alley and you are looking to GROW as a direct sales leader, check out Lead Your Dream Team, a 7-module course guiding you through your role as a direct sales leader.


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