Tips for NEW Direct Sales Leaders

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//Flashback to when I first stepped into direct sales leadership.//

Truth: As a new leader, I was a bit overwhelmed. All of a sudden, I had girls on my team looking to me to help them. And, shoot – I was still brand new and trying to figure out my own business, let alone help others be successful. I remember thinking…

“uhhh… Am I even qualified to lead?”

“Their success is my responsibility. What if they fail? What does that say about me as a leader?”

“How the heck am I going to get them to do this business. They have SO much to learn.”

Sound familiar? Welcome to direct sales leadership, my friend! As you’re stepping into leadership within your direct sales company, your role changes slightly. You now have the opportunity to create more impact (and income!).

Here’s just a few pointers and tips to help set you up for success:

  • Lead by Example: Your personal business is always your priority. While it is easy to pour into your new teammate helping her every step of the way, still keep a focus on your personal business. That’s where the bulk of your income is coming from (for now) and you don’t want to let it slip just because you have a new teammate. You have an opportunity to show them the way!
  • You’re Not Their Boss: Yup, that’s right. You didn’t “hire” them. They decided to open up their own direct sales biz. While you can encourage, motivate, train and coach your new teammate, they are not obligated to do the work – and, you can’t do it for them. Find out their why, what their goals are and how they are motivated. Then, support their journey. Know that their success is their responsibility – not yours. You equip them with the tools, motivation and training – it is on them to put it into action.
  • Communication is Key: While many teams maintain connections in their own Facebook group, if you just have a handful of new teammates, you may not be ready to branch off and have your own group. Lean on your leaders and watch how they lead. Start a group chat with your new teammates to easily check in with them and share information on a daily basis. Make sure they are in-the-know when company and team announcements are shared. Get to know your new teammates outside of the business so you can be a positive force in their life.
  • Set them up for Success: Training your new teammate is part of your new role. Direct them to resources that can help. Answer their questions. Share best practices. And, don’t be shy – give feedback. They are brand new and need your support. If they make a misstep, help them get back on track. If your company offers special incentives to new teammates, make sure they hit those goals to swoop up all the bonuses. As your team continues to grow, you’ll want to create onboarding systems to make sure you can replicate and scale your training over time.
  • Give them an instant WIN: The direct sales journey is a rocky one and you will hit roadblocks. You will get “no’s”. You will have parties that flop. When starting out in direct sales, if you don’t taste success early and have a quick win to boost your confidence, it is super easy to decide this isn’t for you and slowly retreat until you’ve stepped away from your biz. Work with your new teammate to help them get that first big win.

As you continue to add teammates, your role will evolve as a leader. This is truly where you will experience the most personal growth, learn the most about yourself and develop the skills needed to take your business and team to the next level.

To learn more, check out Lead Your Dream Team, a 7-module course guiding you through your role as a direct sales leader. You can get access to this course and a ton more in our Modern Direct Seller Academy!


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