What to Say During Times of Uncertainty: A Direct Seller’s Messaging Toolkit

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What to say during times of uncertainty?

If you’re like me, your perspective and life is currently consumed with the “new normal” as we watch the Coronavirus pandemic unfold. This is a time of uncertainty and so many unknowns. With school closures, event cancellations and socially distancing, we are all trying to figure out the best way to navigate the current climate.

Being a direct seller, you have the flexibility to work from home and build a business online, not always requiring face-to-face, in-person interactions. And, keeping a focus on your business – even during this time – is critical to your income and long-term sustainability of your business.

Here’s my advice: Don’t go silent. Show up. Be a leader for your community, customers and team. In doing so, show empathy, sensitivity and compassion. Be genuine and authentic. You don’t know how someone might be affected and how they are feeling.

With any crisis, comes opportunity. Opportunity for you to connect with others. Opportunity for you to learn new skills. Opportunity for you to help others.

So… what do you say?

Here’s a few suggestions when reaching out to others as you continue to build your direct sales business, even during times of uncertainty. While this is true during normal times, it is even more important to focus on relationship building first — before asking for a sale or sharing product.

When sending out sales emails, include an introductory message like this:

Greetings, friends! I wanted to quickly reach out to say hello and check in. Here in ____________ (location), our family is staying in, soaking up some extra time together and carefully watching the news unfold about the impact of the Coronavirus – both here locally and globally. While it certainly is far from “business as usual” I am still committed to delivering you the best _____________ (product). Please do not hesitate to reach out if there’s anything I can do to better serve you during these crazy times.

When sending out PM’s, DM’s or Texts to current customers, lead with making a connection and simply checking in:

Hi friend! I was thinking of you! I wanted to just check up on your and your family. How are things?

(Your name), here! Are you guys hanging in there? I’ve got to tell you, things feel a bit __________ (crazy /  isolated / wild) over here!

Heyyyy! How are you? I wanted to check in on all of my customers to make sure you have enough TP (ha!) and are safe and sound! Let me know how things are over at your house!

After making a real and genuine connection and catching up for a bit, you can work into the conversation:

It certainly doesn’t feel like ‘business as usual’ over here, but I am trying to use this time at home to ___________ (continue serving my customers / get organized in my biz / offer a bit of retail therapy) even with everything going on. I’m putting in an order tomorrow. Can I grab anything for you?

Since so many of us are cooped up at home and so many events have been canceled, I am switching things up and doing more online. In fact, I’m ____________ (offering personal shopping appointments over FaceTime or Google Hangouts / hosting an online pop-up event / planning a LIVE sale). Do you want to check it out?

One fun thing that has been keeping me busy (and sane) in the midst of all of this is connecting with my customers more. I’ve even been planning a______________ (online event / virtual happy hour / BYOB moms night “in”). It’s on (date / time). Would you like an invite?

As always, know that these messages are simply examples just like those in Perfectly Crafted PMs, DMs and Texts. Please use your own voice, be authentic and make them your own.

Even when things get tough and we don’t always know the “right” thing to say, being sincere and staying in front of your customers will benefit your business – even if you’re not landing a ton of sales in this moment, your customers will appreciate you reaching out and checking in.

Sending you big, virtual, socially distanced hugs,


PS…check out my other post about proactive solutions you can take to stay present and profitable while dealing with business changes related to the Coronavirus.


  1. Marilyn Bajraktarevic

    So helpful Becky! FYI…..loving the “Wine Down” Friday live video’s! You are a great inspiration and motivator! By the way, I do believe your Birthday was May 31st? My Birthday is May 30th! So Happy Belated Birthday to you fellow Gemini!

    • Becky

      Hi my Gemini friend! thank you for the birthday wishes! Glad you found this helpful and I absolutely LOVE “Wining” down with everyone on Fridays in the Academy. It’s truly my treat! So happy to have you in the Academy! xx

  2. Lisa

    This is so helpful! Thank you so much!

    • Becky

      Absolutely! So glad it was helpful! 🙂

    • Becky

      Thanks so much, Heidi. I’m glad it was a helpful toolkit for you! Take care!

  3. Ann

    These are helpful! thank you!

    • Becky

      Of course! So glad you found them helpful, Ann!


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