Book More Parties: 4 Direct Sales Secrets to Hear YES, More

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One of the very BEST ways to grow your customer base is booking parties. When you book a party it’s a guarantee that you’ll be introduced to new customers–which is why this method is tried and true if you’re in a party-plan direct sales company.

It goes like this–you book the party, the hostess invites her friends and family–and for each person that attends you reach a whole new circle of peeps. AMAZING! This can really help you grow your biz. But bottom line, you have to ask!

So a little tough love for those of you that are having a hard time ASKING for bookings… If you don’t ask, the answer is always, you guessed it, No. So basically, if asking for bookings is something you struggle with you need to figure out a way to be brave. You have got to put yourself out there. No ifs, ands or buts about it. It’s just part of the direct sales business.

Good news… the more you ask–the more practice you’ll get asking, and the more times you’ll hear yes! When you get a no, just know that you are one step closer to a yes.

Now for the even better news! I have your back and I’m breaking down the asking process to simplify it as much as possible. I’ve seen time-and-time again where direct sellers over complicate asking for bookings–and I don’t want that for you.

Are you ready? It’s not so scary. You can do this! And, I’m going to show you how. Here are 4 Direct Sales Secrets to hear yes, more!  (I’m even including sample wording for you! But, as always, be you–so you’ll want to modify my suggestions for your voice! :))

1. Always end with a question AND specific options.

When you put yourself out there and ask for bookings, if nothing else, you need to remember this one point–always end with a question. Which is all about ACTUALLY asking, not beating around the bush. Lay it out clearly and simply. Make it easy for this potential hostess to say yes and layer it in with excitement of course, here’s an example:

“I’m really excited about the new releases coming out March 1 and I’d LOVE to get you and your friends first dibs. Would you like to pencil in a show for Tuesday or Sunday?”

Did you see what I did there? This is the golden ticket to getting that next party booked!

  1. I actually asked! Duh!
  2. I showed excitement and took the assumptive approach that they want to book a party (and why wouldn’t they! Amiright?!)
  3. I gave them two good options vs. leaving it open ended, which leads to an easier decision for your potential hostess.

2. Layer in exclusivity and scarcity.

A great way to increase your chances of getting a “Yes!” is to include both exclusivity and scarcity in your ask.

Exclusivity will make people feel special–because you thought of them for a special reason. Say something like:

“I know you’ve had your eye on (blank) and I would love to offer you an exclusive deal to snag that item at 50% off!”

When you use scarcity in your booking tactics, people will want to get locked in because FOMO is real (Fear of missing out!). Here are a couple ways you can increase bookings using scarcity.  

“I only have two dates left on my calendar this month–would you like the 10th or the 15th?” or,

“I know there will be sellouts–I’d hate for you to miss out!“

3. Follow Up!

This is so important–just think about how busy you are, and you’ll realize why follow up is so important. EVERYONE is busy!

After you’ve asked for a booking and someone says they’ll get back to you or think about it–be sure to send a text or quick message to follow up–and be sure to end with a question and include exclusivity or scarcity when you ask!

Be sure you’re organized with who you need to follow up with–you don’t want a potential hostess to fall through the cracks! If you need help with organizing customer and potential customer info–check out my customer tracking posts for direct sellers using  trello or pen and paper!  

4. Leverage booking incentives.

There are a few different types of booking incentives that you can utilize depending on the type of situation you’re in. Here are a few examples.

When you’re doing a vendor event or in-home party be sure to have booking bags on hand! People love to feel special and a little something goes a long way. A booking bag is essentially a little treat that you give out when someone books a party with you! And this doesn’t have to be anything expensive–seriously just a few things you can pick up at the dollar spot at Target work great! Have a simple sign that says–”Book a Party, Get a Bag!”

Another tactic you can use is to do a giveaway when you hit your goal for bookings! This is great strategy for inside your VIP group or an online party. For example:

“After we book 6 shows I’ll do a random giveaway for one person to get a $25 credit on their party order.”

This will give a little extra push for people to book, and help you get you to your booking goals! Again, this creates exclusivity and scarcity!  

Lastly, make sure you know the ins-and-outs of your company booking and hostess reward incentives–they can really add up! Be sure to really play up any monthly promotions, specials, and hostess rewards! These specials are there to help you be successful, and people love to get FREE or discounted items from little effort on their end. Don’t feel like you have to spend a ton of money out of pocket to sweeten up the hostess rewards. A tiny gift (hello dollar spot at Target) can go a looooong way!

Now, go get those parties booked!

There you have it–a sure way to get bookings. Now, just ask! Aim for booking 2 parties from each party. At that rate, your business will grow exponentially.

I encourage you to be BRAVE today! Go ask for a booking using these new tactics and come back and share how it went.


  1. Lynn

    I can do this!! Writing my script today to post later. 2 parties this month before my cruise and I will be very happy. I’d be happy with even one!! Thanks!!

    • Becky

      YES! You can do this! Absolutely!! Can’t wait to hear how the parties go and enjoy the cruise!!

  2. Lara Millar

    How do we approach people when we do not have rotating items/new releases? Missing the scarcity piece.

    • Becky

      Hi Lara! You can still create scarcity around your bookings and availability! Consider “I have just 2 dates remaining this month” or “The first two that secure a party date will get a bonus gift”. The scarcity here is that you don’t have endless options and if they want to get in, they better do it before someone else snags your offer. 🙂

  3. Desiree Savarese

    I have 4 parties this week and 1 next and I can’t wait to use these tips! I need March bookings BAD!!!

  4. Desiree

    I’m totally going to use this! I Have 4 parties this week and 1 next week so I’m going to go after bookings HARD with these tips. Thank you!


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