Spring is upon us, and with it the second quarter of 2024. With that in mind, today’s episode of the Modern Direct Seller Podcast is all about strategies that will help set you up for a successful Q2. Now is the time to set new goals, create conversations with new leads, and make sure that you’re serving your audience by showing up where they are and presenting your best self. A little spring cleaning is all it takes to start strong!

Plan your Q2 strategy with our 90-day template at ModernDirectSeller.com/90.


Time based notes:

  • 0:37 Spring cleaning intro
  • 1:40 Q2 strategy and 90-day plan
  • 5:14 The 300 Club vs. 3 + 3 + 3s
  • 8:42 Social media spring checkup
  • 10:30 Go where your people are
  • 14:20 Spring reset recap


Strategies to Reset for Spring

Spring is upon us, and with it the second quarter of 2024. With that in mind, we recently talked on the Modern Direct Seller Podcast all about strategies that will help set you up for a successful Q2! You might also be in that spring cleaning, spring forward, spring reset mode, getting back to the grind and really thinking about what you want out of your business this spring season, so let’s talk about how to start strong!

The first strategy I want to share is around something we discussed at our Modern Direct Seller Virtual Retreat. That retreat was open to our Academy Pro and Academy VIP members, and we spent three hours together really working on a 90-day plan to carry us through April, May, and June. So, I wanted to share a little insight into the conversations that we had there, because part of the process of these virtual retreats is not just reflecting back on the first quarter and how business was, what we accomplished, what we celebrated, and all the wins that we had; but also thinking forward into the second quarter and the things that we want to be doing more of or we want to be doing less of in our business.

So, one of the questions we had in our retreat was, “What are those things that are going to truly move the needle in your business?” So, when we dove into the 90-day plan, here are some of the things we discussed: We talked a little bit about what the Number One thing is that you could do to get more leads in the next 90 days. We talked about the Number One thing you could do to get new customers in the next 90 days. We talked about the Number One thing you could do to get more teammates in the next 90 days. We talked about how to grow your income, and what strategies are truly going to grow your income over the next 90 days. We did the same thing talking about our brand, and how we can also fuel our personal growth over the next 90 days.

If you’ve never created a 90-day plan for your business, and you need a quick template to do it, you can grab it over at ModernDirectSeller.com/90. In that plan, we talk about creating one big goal that we’re focused on, breaking it down into three milestones—what we’re going to do in April, May, and June—and then we break it down weekly. And, at the retreat, when everyone reflected on their own 90-day plans, some people had some very clear objectives. “In the next 90 days, I’m going to launch my blog or website. In the next 90 days, I am going to bring 50 new customers into my business. In the next 90 days, I’m going to add 10 people to my team.” There were some very clear goals, and almost everyone agreed unanimously that, “The Number One thing I can do to grow my business is to talk to more people.”

And, I say this all the time, right? I have my 3 + 3 + 3s that I do a lot of training on. But, a lot of people broke their goals down into what we started calling “the 300 Club.” What that looks like is having 100 conversations each month—which is totally doable. One hundred conversations each month means 25 conversations, on average, each week. And, for those of you that are like, “Oh gosh, talking to people can feel really exhausting,” or “It’s really hard to keep up with the daily 3 + 3 + 3s,” this might be another way to break it down. It actually works out mathematically to be a little bit less than doing 3 + 3 + 3s. But, overall, you would have 300 conversations over the course of three months, which we all know would be absolutely huge for your business and achieving that big goal you set for your 90-day plan.

The second spring reset tip for you is really to start thinking about spring cleaning. With us being on so many different social media platforms these days, it is more important than ever to make sure that we’re keeping all of our contact information up-to-date, our cover photos up-to-date, our bio pictures nice and clear, our information and shopping links visible, and all these platforms keep changing it up on us. So, a friendly reminder to do a bit of spring cleaning!

Now, inside our Academy’s Social Selling Action Plan for the month of April, we have a process for you to walk through when you’re giving yourself a personal branding checkup. “Is everything where it needs to be? Have I dotted all the I’s? Crossed all the T’s? Is it easy for people to know who I am? What I do? Am I showing up on-brand?” You can give yourself a little bit of a branding audit and think about, “What do I want to start doing? What do I want to stop doing? What do I want to continue doing?” Having a good look at the different platforms that you’re hanging out on is a great place to start, and then you can build from there. You might realize that you’re posting more than you need to be in some places, or that you forgot that you have an active social media channel somewhere else. It happens to all of us. So, cleaning things up on social and making sure that you are showing up as your best self on all the platforms is always a good friendly reminder in spring.

And then, the third strategy that I want to share with you is around all of the shifts that we’re seeing on social media. We’ve heard about the changes that are coming in the next couple of weeks to our Facebook Groups, where we’re no longer able to automatically post through our third-party apps that we love. As we’re thinking about that, we’re also thinking about where we want to hang out more. So, if you are making shifts on social media this spring, my first question for you would be: Where do you have an audience? You to go where your people are, right?

So, if you have a business Page with a bunch of people following you, absolutely go there. Share there. If you have a very active personal or professional Facebook profile, go hang out there and spend more time there. Maybe it’s Instagram for you, or TikTok, right? Wherever you enjoy hanging out and your people are is where you need to invest more time.

Now, Facebook Groups are not going away, despite all the weird rumors out there. But, it is important to think about the visibility that you’re getting inside of Groups. We know visibility is down. We know auto-posting is going away. So, if you are 100% reliant on your Facebook Group, and that is where your community is, that’s where your people are, and that’s where you go to get sales in your direct sales business, this is your sign that it is time to diversify. You can no longer just be reliant on your Facebook Group. Not to mention, you’re sharing the same information with the same people over and over inside of that Group. Instead, I want you to get out there, and be more visible, and have a bigger brand and presence on social media.

So, if right now you’re thinking, “You’re right, my Group is my bread and butter,” I’m not suggesting you ignore it. I’m not suggesting you archive it or close it. All I’m saying is, it’s really important to show up in other places, too. So, as you’re thinking about spring and social media and resetting and where you’re putting your energy, I want you to explore solutions outside of your Facebook Group and go where your people are. A great way to think about that is, who is your ideal customer? Who is your ideal target audience? Who do you want to reach? And, where are they hanging out? That’s going to clue you in, right? If your goal is to grow your team and to bring in some new business builders, they might not be in your Facebook Group. They might be out on Instagram. They might be out on TikTok. So, really think about who that ideal customer is. Think about where your people are hanging out. And then, go to them. Lean into any account that you have a solid following on when you can, build things up from scratch if you need to, and tap into those solutions a bit more than you already are.

So, with that said, I’m so excited for spring season! We have new products launching. We have leadership conferences happening. We are gearing up for summer. I’m starting to see all of the fun marketing materials for Mother’s Day, for graduation, for Father’s Day, for summer style. I feel like people are getting out there and ready to be a part of all of the fun in-person events happening. And, people tend to spend a little bit more money in the spring, too. So, I’m excited to hear about your big plans to rock your biz in Q2!


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