Promote to Team Leader, You Deserve It!

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What?! I’m not even 30 days into the business and you’re talking to me about PROMOTING?! What in the world? Yup, that’s right. YOU, my friend. YOU can be the next Usborne Books & More Team Leader. I could come up with plenty of reasons why you should promote, but most importantly – YOU MAKE MORE MONEY! Not only do you make more money, but you make significantly more money for doing pretty much the same “job.” Plus, you get to be part of an amazing group of leaders that are helping other team members grow their business and create positive change in the world, while contributing to their family income from home.

Promoting to Team Leader is a 2-month push. It can be a lot of work but is 100% worth it because once you promote, you’re a leader and you can keep that title as long as you are working your business. There are specific strategies you can put in place to make it happen, as well. Plus, there’s always a bonus because you’re still a newbie, right?! You receive even more cash and books for promoting Express to Success, the first month following the completion of your incentive period. Home office calls this promoting, Express to Success.


Watch this quick video to learn:

  • The requirements to promote to Team Leader
  • Why promote to Team Leader
  • How much MORE income you can create as a Team Leader
  • Strategies to reach your promotion goals

Becky’s Bonus Tip: Don’t sit back and “let it happen if it’s going to happen.” You need to be intentional and MAKE it happen if you’re serious about your business.


Your To-Do List:

  • Reflect on whether being a team leader is for you (ahem, it should be).
  • Comment with what sounds most exciting about being a Team Leader.
  • Download the 30 Day Launch Workbook.



  1. Jessica Kinne

    I think the extra money is what sounds exciting just not sure I have the time in my schedule to do something like that.

  2. Phoebe

    If I promote to team leader and then something happens and I use my pass, then I’m on probation and get off probation, does the cycle start over and I get another pass if I go on maternity leave again in a couple of years? Or is it just one pass forever?

    • Becky

      Hi Phoebe! You get one “pass” every 3 years. You must request the pass before the quarter you intend to use it. Also, you can’t be on probation for a quarter, then take a pass for the next consecutive quarter. Hope that helps!

  3. Anne Marie

    Question: WHEN DO YOU EAT? SLEEP? You mention doing 8 parties a week! I want to know your secret. 4 is keeping me scrambling right now! Granted, I am still a total newbie, but wow, does it get easier? I have set up Excel spreadsheets and gotten the planner to help me keep everything organized (and I’m totally OCD anyway), and I still feel like a hamster on a wheel. 🙂 Seriously, other tips for organizing or streamlining to make things easier?

    • Becky

      Hi! Welllllll… I don’t eat or sleep so there’s that. 😉 Just kidding. I think you have to find a comfortable number that works for you. I aim for 8 parties a MONTH (not a week!). I batch my hostess packets, vizzlie scheduling and hostess coaching to help streamline things. Also, if you’re doing a bunch of parties, it doesn’t hurt to double book two parties in one evening. That helps me create some boundaries around nights that I’m “working” and others that I’m off. I hope that helps! It gets easier and you’ll find the best way to keep yourself organized as you go. I couldn’t live without my planner!!

      • Anne Marie

        Do you have a training on “batching?” And what apps you use? I’ve been using PMP, but am going to try Vizzlie for this next month to see which I like better. And HAHAHA! I feel so much better not thinking I need to do 8 a week. Many thanks for responding.

        • Becky

          Hi Anne Marie! I don’t have a specific training on batching, but the whole ideas is doing a group of things at one time (like scheduling social media, sending out hostess packets for the month, responding to emails, etc.) I don’t have an app to use specifically. I do use Vizzlie and like it better than PMP. I also use Trello for project management to group similar to-do’s when batching! Best of luck! -Becky

  4. Anne Marie Rodgers

    Thank you for this and ALL your training videos, Becky. The additional income opportunity is exciting, and I love the tip about CFAC and book fairs, both of which I had already started considering. I’m in my third week and working hard on outreach to get out of my friend circle.

  5. Jen Wilkosz

    Recruiting people didn’t seem like it would be my focus but after talking with my team leader, it does make sense to work for those incentives and to get promoted quickly to take advantage of all the growth you can get. I was going to go with the “It’ll happen if it happens” so I wouldn’t be sad if it didn’t but I’m going to work hard to recruit people without being pushy. It was way easier than I though to book my first 4 parties!

  6. Veronica Huerta

    Wow! I really like that the requirements for staying a team leader are super manageable. I did get lost on the double dipping strategy. I watched that part twice and just didn’t get it. Becky could you explain it to me again in writing? Also, today is my 30 day deadline. Is it to late for me to start on a strategy for the Express to Success??

    • Becky

      Hi Veronica! You can totally do this! You can make January your month 1 and February your month 2 and promote up Express to Success on March 1st! 🙂 Feel free to message me and we’ll set up a time to strategize on how to get you promoted in the next few months!

      As far as double dipping, I was recommending to be strategic about doing a CFAC fundraiser to get as much sales credit as possible! Here’s an example. Say you’re raising money for a literacy organization to get them new books. You launch a CFAC fundraiser. On each box you sell, you get $30 sales credit. Then the cause benefits by keeping that $13 on each box. If you take the $13 from the fundraiser and apply it to purchasing books, you’re able to really make the most of the sales credit. In total, for each box of cards you sold, you’d be getting $43 in sales credit ($30 from the card box + $13 from the fundraiser when you buy them their books). Soooo…. $1000 in personal sales and $2750 in team sales to promote to TL is definitely work, but you can use a CFAC fundraiser to help you get there! You just need a game plan before you start the month! 😉

  7. Erika Hall

    Good advice! I wrote a list of people who I think have potential and will reach out to them. This wasn’t really my goal, but I do see why it is silly to not make the most of the opportunities.

  8. Jen Helm

    The best part of being a team leader is getting that extra 8.5% from your team members. Definitely sounds like it requires some hard work and picking out great team members.


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