UBAM 101

There’s SO much learning to do about the BOOKS and the history of Usborne Books & More. This is the great news. You don’t need to know it all to get started! Here’s are some fast facts about Usborne Books & More and you can dive deeper as you grow your business.

Step it Up – Be a PRO

As an Usborne Books & More consultant, YOU are a business owner. How exciting is that?! While this may feel like a hobby or a fun project for now, it is important to be professional and take your job seriously. Your customers expect that from you! Here are a few tips that will up your game and professionalize your job as an Usborne consultant.

Square: Your New Best Friend

As you get your business up and running, I would highly recommend using Square for processing credit card transactions outside of online orders! If you are busy and on the go and want to take payments while out and about, Square is going to be your best friend.

Organization Hacks to Boost Efficiency

As your business grows, systems and organization will SAVE YOUR LIFE. There are a few systems that I cannot live without. These help me stay on top of customer care, follow up and keep me from pulling my hair out on a daily basis. Here are a few ideas to help you get organized to make the most of the time you have dedicated to getting your work done.

Promote to Team Leader, You Deserve It!

What?! I’m not even 30 days into the business and you’re talking to me about PROMOTING?! What in the world? Yup, that’s right. YOU, my friend. YOU can be the next Usborne Books & More Team Leader. I could come up with plenty of reasons why you should promote, but most importantly – YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!

Build Your Dream Team

While you are still in learning mode, the idea of adding someone to YOUR team may sound daunting. However, recruiting (the UBAM word for adding team members) is the very best way to grow your reach, impact and your business from the very beginning.

Book Parties Like a Boss

Booking your calendar FULL of parties is a great way to grow your business. After you conquer your facebook and home launch party (hopefully you’re doing a few launches… parties! ;)) – it is time to get just 2-4 more parties set on your calendar in the next 2 weeks.

Host a Home Party!

Book lady confession: I never planned to do a home party. For real. I was ROCKING my business just doing facebook parties and thought skipping the home party scene would just be fine. Womp womp. After a few months, I realized I was missing a HUGE opportunity.

Hostess Rewards and Party Prizes

I LOVE to give books away! It is one of the most fun parts of being an Usborne Books & More consultant. My hostesses and customers are so excited when I give them a bonus book or when they win a prize for a free book. It’s also a great incentive to book parties, gain repeat customers, and build a community of followers that truly love that you are their book lady! Check out this post to learn how hostess rewards work from Usborne Books & More, how to use prizes to get bookings and how to leverage the hostess rewards from home office to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses.

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