Cinchshare to the Rescue!

CinchShare to the rescue! CinchShare is a one of my recommended trusted resources! For a long time, I held off in investing in a party-posting service, but I finally gave in. I was forgetting to post my pre-party posts in a timely manner, rushing through parties...

It’s Closing Time. Meet OrderPro.

Yay! You’re now ready to wrap up your first party. It’s closing time! Meet OrderPro. OrderPro (or sometimes called OPOL) is the system Usborne Books & More uses to order hostess rewards, placing book fair orders, redeeming book bucks or ordering supplies. Although this system can look a bit intimidating at first glance, it is pretty easy to use after you close your first few parties.

Facebook Parties 101

You’ve likely already learned that Usborne Books & More loves us some Facebook. We party on Facebook. We have groups on Facebook. We meet customers on Facebook. We make friends on Facebook. Whether you’re a Facebook junkie or new to the Facebook scene, you’re...

Get to Know Your Back Office

With any new business, you need to know your tools – let’s get to know your back office. The back office has a few components to it. Here’s a quick overview of the various “areas” of your back office.

Hello, New Website

As a new Usborne Books & More consultant, home office has provided you with your very own website. Yay! Here are a few helpful tips about your website: Your eCommerce URL is http://YOURUSERID.myUBAM.com  (Your user ID was provided in your initial email from home...

WYOSS – An Acronym You Won’t Want to Forget

WYOSS… that’s a mouthful, but you’re going to want to know about this! W.Y.O.S.S. = Write Your Own Success Story. This is Usborne Books & More’s 12-week incentive program that you get the perks of when you begin your book biz! We all want you to be successful...



Why? So, why did you sign up? Do tell! Of course, there’s the BOOKS! Duh! They’re amazing, right?! It’s too hard to resist the value of the Usborne Books & More Starter Kit! Let’s dive a little deeper. You may have signed up with a clear idea of how this business opportunity can be a game-changer for your family. Or, you could have been like me: just mesmerized by the books and wanting ALL the books for my family. It was a few short months later, when I realized WHY this opportunity presented itself to me and WHY I was going to do everything in my power to use this biz to change the course of my family’s life.

Rock Your First 30 Days

Being a successful Usborne consultant takes motivation, self-discipline and consistency. You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck. We don’t have crazy minimums or quotas that you have to meet to stay in the biz. Reaching your goals greatly depends on YOU and the work you put in!

Ready, Set, Launch

Okay – now that we have our goals for the first 30 days, let’s talk about how we’re going to reach them. First off, go grab your calendar or planner so we can map this out! I highly recommend you truly LAUNCH your business. Let’s not be quiet about it or secretive about it. Let’s make a splash!

FREE Inventory Tracker

FREE Inventory Tracker

There are many reasons why you want to keep track of your Usborne inventory. This post will teach you our quick and easy inventory tracking method using our FREE Inventory Tracker.

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