Square: Your New Best Friend

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As you get your business up and running, I would highly recommend using Square for processing credit card transactions outside of online orders. If you are busy and on the go and want to take payments while out and about, Square is going to be your best friend. Signing up for square is FREE! They send you a card reader that attaches to your phone so you can swipe cards. Even before your card reader arrives, you can enter a credit card number or send an invoice to a customer via email. It is secure, easy to use and super professional – you can even upload a logo.  When you sign up for square, you receive $1000 of free processing. I even have a blog post on how to import your book titles to Square to easily track inventory and top selling books – Square will clearly become your new best friend.

Watch this quick video to learn:

  • When to use Square
  • How to navigate your dashboard
  • How to send an invoice

Becky’s Bonus Tip: Keep your Square reader available to easily take payment at events, home parties and book fairs.


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  1. Jessica Anderson

    Is there a way to sort inventory in square so I just get a report of what I have in stock and not have to weed through the rest of it? Google has not been any help :-).

    • Jeremy Launder

      Hi Jessica – I’m not aware of a way to sort within Square, but you can Export your item library to an Excel file then in the Current Quantity column is your inventory. You could then open the exported file in Excel (or Google Sheets) and filter or sort on the Current Quantity column.

  2. Lisa

    How do fees work? I’m a new consultant and we get charged the 2.75% fee from Square, right? How do I reconcile this when it comes to selling books as a table vendor, an in-home party for example? If I sell books a Busy Car Book for $24.99 (+tax) to a customer at my table who is taking it home right then and there, and then I’m charged 2.75% I guess I’m trying to figure out when its worth it to handle payments this way. (I love square and am more asking logistically) because you guys seem to have the organization this figured out and I SO APPRECIATE THIS!!

    • Becky

      Hi Lisa! Unfortunately, Square fees are out of pocket expenses you incur as a cost of doing business. But, keep in mind Square loves to give incentives where you can earn free processing (for referrals, etc.) and overall, I find that the convenience outweighs the fees!

  3. Jessica Kinne

    I love the idea of having this to do an invoice for hostesses instead of having them text or send through fb messenger their card info. Im so glad I watched this tonight because I was just brainstorming a better way to go about that and little did I know their was already an answer to that issue! Also I have a friend that said eCommerce doesn’t accept the type of card she has so this would be a great way to send her an invoice and then get her books ordered for her!

  4. Michelle Arriaga

    I already have square and I love it!!! I use it in my photography business.

  5. Jen Wilkosz

    I already had 2 people want to do home parties (one grandparent age and one in her 20s) so I think having square would be really valuable. Plus my team leader uses it and it was really easy to pay for my hostess rewards and to buy from her personal stock when she had sales without worrying about the security of my credit card. I think this will be really valuable for both home parties and hostess payments!

  6. Veronica Huerta

    I love square!! I like that you could invoice hostesses.

  7. Erika Hall

    I like the idea of using this for your hostess order. Also for selling from personal stock!

  8. Molly

    This solves my issue from when I paid for my hostess rewards! I think receiving an invoice and paying online is great! Especially when you may not know the sponsor 🙂 This would also obviously be helpful for when you are doing a party IRL haha!

  9. Jen Helm

    I think i would use square when i start doing more house parties, events and such especially when Im getting a lot more customers.

    • Becky

      That makes sense to me, Jen!


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